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Performance of Fluid Balance as A Marker of Acute Kidney Injury in Children after Open Heart Surgery

REFERENCES Bagshaw, S. M., Brophy, P. D., Cruz, D., Ronco, C. (2008). Fluid balance as a biomarker: Impact of fluid overload on outcome in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury. Crit. Care , 12 (4), 169. Hassinger, A. B., Wald, E. L., Goodman, D. M. (2014). Early postoperative fluid overload precedes acute kidney injury and is associated with higher morbidity in pediatric cardiac surgery patients. Pediatr. Crit. Care Med ., 15 , 131–138. Hazle, M. A., Gajarski, R. J., Yu, S., Donohue, J., Blatt, N. B. (2013). Fluid overload in

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Acute Kidney Injury – An Underestimated Problem In Pediatric Intensive Care / Akûts Nieru Bojâjums — Nenovçrtçta Problçma Bçrnu Intensîvajâ Terapijâ

, D. F., Evans, T. W. (1993). Organ dysfunction and cardiopulmonary bypass: The role of complement and complement regulatory proteins. Eur. J. Cardiothorac. Surg., 7, 563-573. Moore, A. F., Hargest, R., Martin, M., Delicata, R. J. (2004). Intraabdominal hypertension and the abdominal compartment syndrome. Brit. J. Surg., 91, 1102-1110. Moreau, R., Lebrec, D. (2008). Acute kidney injury: New concepts. Hepatorenal syndrome: The role of vasopressors. Nephron Physiol., 109, 73-79. Naftiu, O. O., Vopel-Levis, T., Morris, M

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Combined Medical Treatment Of Chronic Pancreatitis

fibrosis in a mouse model of chronic pancreatitis. BMC Gastroenterol. , 24 (12), 115. Brown, A., Hughes, M., Tenner, S., Banks, P. (1997). Does pancreatic enzyme supplementation reduce pain in patients with chronic pancreatitis: A meta-analysis. Amer. J. Gastroenterol ., 92 (11), 2032–2035. Capurso, G., Cocomello, L., Benedetto, U., Cammà, C., Delle Fave, G.. (2012). Meta-analysis: The placebo rate of abdominal pain remission in clinical trials of chronic pancreatitis. Pancreas , 41 (7), 1125–1131. Drummey, G., Benson, J., Jones, C. (1961

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Effects of Different Epidural Analgesic Compositions on Postoperative Pain Relief and Systemic Response to Surgery

immunosuppression? Langenbecks Arch. Surg. , 389, 475-484. Muldoon, T., Milligan, K., Quinn, P. (1998). Comparison between extradural infusion of ropivacaine or bupivacaine for the prevention of postoperative pain after total knee arthroplasty. BJA , 80, 680-681. Nagelschmidt, M., Fu, Z. X., Saag, S., Dimmeler, S., Neugebauer, E. (1999). Preoperative high dose methprednisolone improves patients outcome after abdominal surgery. Eur. J. Surg. , 165(10), 971-978. Ontjes, D. A. (1995). Adrenal

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Stress Response to Surgery and Possible Ways of Its Correction

prevents the hormonal stress response during major abdominal surgery: A comparison with intravenous sufentanil in a prospective randomized trial. Anesth. Analg , 99 (4), 1114-1120. Bowdle, A., Hines, R. (2002). Guest editor introduction: Pharmacology up-date 2002 seminars in anaesthesia. Perioper. Med. Pain , 11 , 247-257. Brand, J.-M., Frohn, C., Luhm, J., Kirhner, H., Schmucker, P. (2003). Early alterations in the number of circulating lymphocyte subpopulation and enchanced proinflammatory immune responce during opioid-based general

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Anaesthesia and Stress Response to Surgery

, D. (1994). Effect of anaesthesia on the cytokine response to abdominal surgery. Brit. J. Anaesth. , 72, 280-285. Desborough, J. P. (2000). The stress response to trauma and surgery. Brit. J. Anaesth. , 85(1), 109-117. Desborough, J. P., Hall, G. M. (1989). Modification of the hormonal and metabolic response to surgery by narcotics and general anaesthesia. Clin. Anaesth. , 3, 317-334. Dossow, V., von, Baehr, N, Moshirzadeh. M., von Heymann, C., Braun, J. P., Hein, O. V., Sander, M

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