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Accommodating business travellers: The organisation and spaces of serviced apartments in Cape Town, South Africa

Serviced Apartments Sector and its Prospects in Southeast Asia. In: Tourism Review International , 15: 349–353. Hoang, A., 2014: Understanding the Differences Between Business and Leisure Travelers. In: E-Marketing Associates , 6 October. Available from: , DoA:17.04.2016. Jiang, H., 2016: Dwelling Unit Choice in a Condominium Complex: Analysis of Willingness to Pay and Preference Heterogeneity. In: Urban Studies , 53(11): 2273-2292. Kasim, A., Gursoy, D

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The making of the South African timeshare industry: spatial structure and development challenges

-198. Financial Mail (Johannesburg), 4 September 1992, 20 May 1993, 4 March 1994, 5 August 1994, 18 October 2002. Finance Week (Johannesburg), 27 July 1988, 9 December 1988, 31 August 1989, 23 November 1989. Gregory, A.M., 2013: Examining the Negative Attributes on Consumer Preference and Willingness to Pay in the Vacation Ownership Industry: A Conjoint Analysis. In: Journal of Tourism Research and Hospitality, 2 (3), pp. 1-5. Grundlingh, A., 2006: Revisiting the ‘Old’ South Africa: Excursions into South Africa’s Tourist History

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Public treasury looting for global North banking, public welfare denial, migration and sex-slave trafficking of Nigerians after colonialism

October. Ayittey, G.B.N., 1986: The real foreign debt problem. In: The Wall Street Journal (New York), 8 April. Ayittey, C.B.N., 1992: Africa Betrayed, New York: St. Martin Press. Bayer, K. 2009: Neo-liberalism and development policy- Dogma or Progress? In: Brand, U. and Sekler, N. editors, Postneo-liberalism; a beginning debate, development dialogue, No. 51, pp. 89-102. Babawale, G.K. and Awosanya, O.A., 2014: Estimating household willingness to pay for improved electricity supply in Lagos metropolis. In

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The Influence of Organic Product Classification On Charitable Contributions Embedded in Retail Prices

Relationship between Normative Beliefs and Willingness-to-Pay for Organic and Local Products. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 23(1), 94-106. doi: Bougherara, D. & Combris, P. (2009). Eco-labelled Food Products: What are Consumers Paying for? European Review of Agricultural Economics, 36(3), 321-341. Carson, R. and Mitchell R. (1993). The Issue of Scope in Contingent Valuation Studies. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 75(12), 1263

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The Quality of Brand Products: Expected Attributes vs. Perceived Reality

., Kliestikova, J., & Krizanova, A. (2018). Consumer perception of private label products: An empirical research. Journal of Competitiveness , 10(3), 149-163. Valle, M. A., Lavin, J. F., Magner, N. S., & Geldes, C. E. (2017). Influence of contextual information and past prices on the willingness to pay and expected qualityevaluations. Journal of Consumer Behaviour , 16(2), 130-144. Zhu, Y., & Chen, H. P. (2017). A tale of two brands: The joint effect of manufacturer and retailer brands on consumers' product evaluation. Journal of Brand Management , 24(2), 284-306.

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