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Andrea Dúll and Béla Janky

, R. (1988) ‘Light, decor, arousal, comfort and communication’. Journal of Environmental Psychology , 8: 177-189. Gifford, R. (1997) Environmental Psychology. Principles and Practice . Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon. Göksen, F., F. Adaman and E. Ü. Zenginobuz (2002) ‘On environmental concern, willingness to pay, and postmaterialist values. Evidence from Istanbul’. Environment and Behavior , 34 (5): 616-633. Inglehart, R. (1981) ‘Post-materialism in an environment of insecurity’. American Political Science Review , 75 (4): 880-900. Katzev, R

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Andrea Radvanszky, Julie Craviolini and Iren Bischofberger

assisting people with Multiple Sclerosis. International Journal of MS Care 15(4): 203-210. Carmichael, Fiona und Susan Charles. 1998. The labour market costs of community care. Journal of Health Economics 17(6): 747-765. Carmichael, Fiona, Susan Charles und Claire Hulme. 2010. Who will care? Employment participation and willingness to supply informal care. Journal of Health Economics 29(1): 182-190. Colombo, Francesca, Ana Llena-Nozal, Jerome Mercier und Frits Tjadens. 2011. Help Wanted? Providing and Paying for Long

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Peter Kivisto

the expansion of citizen rights. He ignores citizenship as membership, as belonging to a polity, taking it as a given in what he understood to be a fairly homogeneous and fixed understanding of national identity (this just before the Windrush arrived in Tilbury Docks, a development that as the current scandal in the UK attests, has had an enduring impact on citizenship as a boundary-drawing device). Likewise, he pays scant attention to the duties and responsibilities of citizenship, presuming that in contemporary liberal democracies, the reality is that citizens are

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Zahid Shahab Ahmed

escalated sectarian violence in the country. In 1980, Islamabad was the site of the first-ever demonstration by Shias against the implementation of the Zakat and Ushr Ordinance (Islamic taxes) by the then President General Zia-ul-Haq ( Warde 2010 , 116). Shias demanded exemption from paying Zakat Zakat is an Islamic practice of alms giving, which is among the five pillars of Islam. to the state and the government had to agree ( Iqbal 2014 ). According to Ali (2000 , 33), the successful protests in Islamabad became a factor in deteriorating Shia–Sunni relations in

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Alipio Ramos Veiga-Neto, Nilo Lourival Ferreira, Cristine Hermann Nodari and Ana Lucia Brenner Barreto Miranda

da responsabilidade social empresarial pelo consumidor brasileiro. Instituto Akatu (2002). Os jovens e o consumo sustentável: construindo o próprio futuro? Kotler, P., & Keller, K. L. (2012). Administração de marketing. Ladeira, W. (2010). Estilos de tomada de decisão: uma investigação em gerações diferentes. Revista de Administração da UNIMEP , 8 (3). Laroche, M., Bergeron, J., & Barbaro-Forleo, G. (2001). Targeting consumers who are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. Journal of consumer marketing , 18 (6), 503

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Chinwe C. Okpoko and Elias C. Aniwada

). Mass media interventions: effects on health services utilisation. [Online] Available: (July 10, 2013). Health Communication Strategies (2013). Module 1 Health Communication online course. [Online] Available: (July 18, 2013). Jimoh, A. Sofola, O. Petu, A. Okorosobo, T. (2007). Quantifying the Economic Burden of Malaria in Nigeria Using the Willingness to Pay Approach. Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation. 5:6. doi: 10

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Mariana Ângelo Ferreira, Helenita Rodrigues da Silva Tamashiro and Sergio Silva Braga

-1398. Li, G., Li, G., & Kambele, Z. (2012). Luxury fashion brand consumers in China: Perceived value, fashion lifestyle, and willingness to pay. Journal of Business Research, 65(10), 1516-1522. Lipovetsky, G. (2002). O luxo eterno: da idade do sagrado ao tempo das marcas. Editora Companhia das Letras. Lipovetsky, G., Roux, E., & Machado, M. L. (2005). O luxo eterno: da idade do sagrado ao tempo das marcas. Editora Companhia das Letras. Marins, R. O. (2010). O Novo Luxo: a busca de uma existência mais simples traz um valor

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Renata Valerievna Oplakanskaia, Lyudmila Alekseevna Osmuk, Anastasia Pogorelskaya and Inna Pomorina

appeared ( Lisinchuk, 2013 ; Polutin, 2013 ), paying much attention to entrepreneurial universities ( Kuftyrev, 2012 ; Latuha, Pushkarev, 2012 ). The particular focus on entrepreneurial universities in Russia is caused by a reform of higher education and the need for increased university competitiveness and for enhancing activities aimed at the development and distribution of innovation in the economy. However, since Russia turned to the Triple Helix model later than most Western European countries, the case studies and best practices from the Western experience

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Fiona Drummond and Jen Snowball

and identarian capital. To enter the virtuous cycle, the level of competence and capability of consumers must be sufficient to guarantee their willingness to pay for the creative component of a good or service. Therefore, a town would need to have reached the development threshold before CCI-led development was a realistic option. However, this can be difficult to achieve in developing country contexts, and especially in rural areas, as it is often the case that the development of CCIs is constrained by low disposable income levels which means that demand amongst