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Kasphia Nahrin

with low to moderate incomes. Some portion of the housing project is reserved for the low income bracket using land use regulations and this portion is provided to them at an affordable price. Land use regulations can mandate the developers of market-rate residential development to set aside a small portion of their units (usually between 10 and 20 percent) for those households who are unable to afford housing in the open market. Alternatively, the developers can choose to pay a fee or donate land in lieu of providing units ( Calavita & Mallach 2010 ). It can be

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Neil Reid

( Brewers Association 2017c ), many of which are brewed by craft breweries. The beer mass-produced for the American market, by large multinational brewers is, in contrast, predominantly Lager-style and is generally highly carbonated and bland tasting ( Strang and England 2015 ). In contrast to consumers of mass-produced beer, ‘Millennial consumers frequently seek new tastes and are willing to pay a premium for alcoholic beverages’ ( WebWire 2007 ). The second factor driving the popularity of craft beer in the United States is the growing neolocalism movement. Neolocalism

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Grzegorz Libor and Stefan Bouzarovski

. Frequently, however, after paying their bills, people with these needs cannot afford to buy the medicines necessary for them to stay healthy. Such conditions are conducive to the appearance and development of serious ailments such as: respiratory disease, respiratory distress syndrome, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis or inflammation. Not surprisingly, therefore, the adverse consequences of fuel poverty are mainly felt among the elderly ( O’Sullivan, Howden-Chapman & Fougere 2011 ), though also among children ( Liddell & Morris 2010 ). Moreover, staying in cold and

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Andrzej Bukowski, Marcjanna Nóżka and Marta Smagacz-Poziemska

. There’s land there by the terminus. [Here there is no fence and assigned parking spaces] but apparently there will be. I even wrote that I don’t want them. Why should I pay for everything? I haven’t got a car. […] it’s pointless, because that kind of remote control costs 100 PLN, or 90 (KO.02) Willingness to participate in decision-making processes and to bear costs increases when people without a car perceive a personal interest – such as the comfort of visiting family and friends – in possessing a parking space or increasing the capacity of roads adjacent to

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Ágnes Erőss

of the policy of ‘forgetting’ imposed on society, a hiatus occurred in the memory of the place: the absence of a continuous presence of participants, survivors or other eyewitnesses of the events, local stories of the revolution have remained untold - even hidden from communicative memory. Lacking commemorative traditions and a loyal community willing to keep alive the memory of the revolution, Corvin Passage was not adopted as a site of commemoration in collective memory. However, the 1956 insurrection became the reference point to the democratic transformation