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Boron and manganese fractions in dystrophic lake waters (Wigry National Park, NE Poland)

behaviour of boron isotopes in natural waters and in water-rock interactions, J. Geochem. Explor. 88: 114-117. Górniak A., 1996, Substancje humusowe i ich rola w ekosystemach słodkowodnych (Humus substances and their role in freshwater functioning), Diss Univ. Varsoviensis 448, Białystok, p. 151 (in Polish). Górniak A. 2004, Zaawansowanie dystrofii sucharów Wigierskiego Parku Narodowego (Dystrophy advance in suchar type lakes of Wigry National Park), Rocz. Augustowsko- Suwalski 4: 45-52 (in Polish). Górniak A. (ed.), 2006

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The physico-chemical diversity of pit lakes of the Muskau Arch (Western Poland) in the context of their evolution and genesis

., Nixdorf B., 2003, Sustainability of the flooding of brown coal mining lakes as a remediation technique against acidification in the Lusatian mining district, Germany, [in:] Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage (ICARD), 14–17 July 2003, Cairns (Australia): 521–527. Marszelewski W., Dembowska E.A., Napiórkowski P., Solarczyk A., 2017, Understanding abiotic and biotic conditions in post-mining pit lakes for efficient management: A case study (Poland), Mine Water Environ. 36(3): 418–428. Matejczuk W., 1986, Charakterystyka

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Colonization of diatoms and bacteria on artificial substrates in the northeastern coastal Adriatic Sea

submerged macrophytes: Signifi - cance to epiphyton and phytoplankton. Limnology and Oceanography 27, 419-427. CATTANEO, A., AMIREAULT, M. C., 1992: How artifi cial are artifi cial substrata for periphyton? Journal of North American Benthological Society 11, 244-256. CATTANEO, A., KALFF, J., 1979: Primary production of algae growing on natural and artifi cial aquatic plants: a study of interaction between epiphytes and their substrate. Limnology and Oceanography 24, 1031-1037. CHARACKLIS, W. G., COOKSEY, K. E., 1983: Biofi

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Variation in morpho-physiological, biochemical and molecular responses of two Eucalyptus species under short-term water stress

Acacia mearnsii plantation. Forest Ecology and Management 259, 1761–1770. Gerhards, M., Rock, G., Schlerf, M., Udelhoven, T., 2016: Water stress detection in potato plants using leaf temperature, emissivity, and reflectance. International Journal of Applied Earth Observations and Geoinformation 53, 27–39. Ghosh Dasgupta, M., Dharanishanthi, V., 2017: Identification of PEG-induced water stress responsive transcripts using co-expression network in Eucalyptus grandis . Gene 627, 393–407. Granda, V., Cuesta, C., Alvarez, R., Ordás, R., Centeno, M

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Epilithic diatom assemblages and environmental quality of the Su Gologone karst spring (centraleastern Sardinia, Italy)

water quality. In: Seckbach, J., Kociolek, J. P. (eds.), The diatom world. Cellular origin, life in extreme habitats and astrobiology 19, 401-417. Springer, New York. De Waele, J., 2003: I paesaggi carsici in Sardegna: tipologia, valenza e vulnerabilità. Atti del 2° Convegno Internazionale: L’ossidiana del Monte Arci nel Mediterraneo, Pau, 91-98. De Waele, J., 2008: Interaction between a dam site and karst springs: The case of Supramonte (Central-East Sardinia, Italy). Engineering Geology 99, 128-137. De Waele, J., 2009

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Application of Dexter’s soil physical quality index: an Irish case study

focus of the current study), chemical and biological aspects of soil across soilscapes and, therefore, defines the capacity of agricultural soil to deliver multiple functions, such as primary productivity, nutrient cycling, water filtration ( Fenton et al ., 2011 ; Jahangir et al ., 2013 ), habitat for biodiversity and carbon sequestration ( Karlen et al ., 1997 ; Wiebe 2003 ; Schulte et al ., 2015 ). This capacity can be overextended, resulting in degradation of the system by compaction ( Soane and van Ouwerkerk, 1998 ; Vero et al ., 2013 ), erosion ( Regan

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Effects of mycorrhizal inoculation and digestate fertilisation on triticale biomass production using fungicide-coated seeds

( Iizumi and Ramankutty, 2016 ; Lesk et al ., 2016 ). Furthermore, food demand, linked to the ever-increasing world population, has increased in the last few decades and is expected to increase in the future. This growing pressure on agroecosystems to maximize their productivity per unit area, time and input (e.g., nutrients, water, energy) ( Lal, 2008 ) can bring environmental impacts such as loss in soil organic matter and fertility and increase in emission of greenhouse gas. In this context, organic fertilisation can be an efficient practice to reduce such impacts

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Aging concrete structures: a review of mechanics and concepts

associated with lacking models for concrete aging, coupled with shrinkage and creep effects, and their interaction with other deterioration mechanisms—topics that are currently being addressed by the ongoing research. 2 Introduction The societal relevance of the construction industry can be highlighted by the fact that almost half of the total national wealth is tied up in long-lasting building investments. In recent years, the steadily increasing average age of our infrastructure together with budgetary constraints and an increasing awareness towards climate change

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Trends, over 14 years, in the ground cover on an unimproved western hill grazed by sheep, and associated trends in animal performance

proximity of streams, open drains or other localised disturbance required that the orientation of the net be modified at a few grid intersections to ensure maximum representation of the natural surface. A pointer, with a circular footprint (5 mm diameter), was dropped vertically at each node of the net mesh (including those on its perimeter, thus the equivalent of a 2 m × 2 m quadrat) through the vegetation canopy, where present, to the ground surface. One feature (plant species, bare soil, boulder/rock/stone, standing water or faeces) was recorded for each ground hit

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Bedrock and Quaternary sediment geochemistry and biodiversity in Eastern Fennoscandia and Estonia

., Orlova, K., Pirrus, E., Rousseau, R. M., Ruzicka, J., Sandstrom, H., Willis, J. P. 2000. Seven sedimentary rock reference samples from Estonia. - Oil Shale, 17(3), 215-223. Kiipli, T. 2003. Database of the Chemical Quality of Carbonate Rocks. Report. Tallinn: Geological Survey of Estonia, Estonian Geological Fund, No 7541. 75 pp. (In Estonian). Kiipli, T. 2005. Database of the Chemical Quality of Deposits. - Kukk, M. (ed.). Annual of the Geological Survey of Estonia. Tallinn, Geological Survey of Estonia, 34-37. (In

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