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Model Tests on Characteristic of Suction Caissons in Saturated Fine Sand Under Intermittent Loading

. Y. Li, N. P. Yi, X. G. Zhang, and S. C. Xu, “Numericalinvestigation on the effect of variation of water level on the stability of soil-cement column reinforced waterway side slope.” International Journal of Heat and Technology, vol. 36, no. 1, pp. 344-352, 2018. 26. C. A. Louis, “A study of groundwater flow in jointed rock and its influence on the stability of rock masses,” Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, 1969. 27. P. Zamanian, and M. Kasiri, “Investigation of Stage Photography in Jee Lee’s Works and Comparing

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Hydrochemical study of Drean–Annaba aquifer system (NE Algeria)

NE. PhD thesis. Franche-Comte University pp. 200. DJABRI L., BOUHSINA S., HANI A., BOSCH A.P., MUDRY J., DJOUAMAA M.C. 2014. Impacts of drought on water quality: The case of aquifers in eastern Algeria. Evolving Water Resources Systems: Understanding, Predicting and Managing Water-Society Interactions Proceedings of ICWRS2014, Bologna, Italy, IAHS Publ. pp. 364. Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences. Vol. 364 p. 357-362. DJABRI L. 2013. Mechanism of Seybouse water pollution and venerability

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Characterization of the Hammamet basin aquifer (North-East of Algeria) through geochemical and geostructural methods and analysis

REFERENCES A raguas L.J., D iaz T eijeiro M.F. 2005. Isotope composition of precipitation and water vapour in the Iberian Peninsula: first results of the Spanish network of isotopes in precipitation. In: International atomic energy agency – isotopic composition of precipitation in the Mediterranean Basin in relation to air circulation patterns and climate. Vienna. IAEA-TECDOC-1453 p. 173–190. B aghdadi M., M eddah R., R ais J., N adem S., A fdali M. 2013. Evaluation of water quality in open channels flowing through Beni-Mellal City (Morocco

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Assessing the suitability of extreme learning machines (ELM) for groundwater level prediction

. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering. Vol. 5. Iss. 2 p. 115-123. BANERJEE P.R., PRASAD K., SINGH V.S. 2009. Forecasting of groundwater level in hard rock region using artificial neural network. Environmental Geology. Vol. 58. Iss. 6 p. 1239-1246. BEHZAD M., ASGHARI K., COPPOLA Jr E.A. 2009. Comparative study of SVMs and ANNs in aquifer water level prediction. Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering. Vol. 24. Iss. 5 p. 408-413. CHANG C.C., LIN C.J. 2011. LIBSVM: A library for support vector machines. ACM Transactions on

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