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On the role of rock fragments and initial soil water content in the potential subsurface runoff formation

.C., 1984. Hydraulic properties of stony vadose zones. Ground Water, 22, 6, 696-705. Brakensiek, D.L., Rawls, W.J., Stephenson, G.R., 1986. Determining the saturated hydraulic conductivity of a soil containing rock fragments. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., 50, 834-835. Buchter, B., Hinz, C., Flűhler, H., 1994. Sample size for determination of coarse fragment content in a stony soil. Geoderma, 63, 265−275. Childs, S.W., Flint, A.L., 1990. Physical properties of forest soils containing rock fragments. In: Gessel, S.P., Lacate, D

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Thematic Issue on HYDRUS Software Applications to Subsurface Fluid Flow and Contaminant Transport

REFERENCES Bakker, M., Schaars, F., Hughes, J.D., Langevin, C.D., Dausman, A.M., 2013. Documentation of the Seawater Intrusion (SWI2) Package for MODFLOW. US Geological Survey Techniques and Methods, Book 6, Chap. A46, 47 p. Beegum, S., Šimůnek, J., Szymkiewicz, A., Sudheer, K.P., Nambi, I.M., 2018. Implementation of solute transport in the vadose zone into the ‘HYDRUS package for MODFLOW’. Groundwater, (under review). Deurer, M., Bachmann, J., 2007. Modeling water movement in heterogeneous water-repellent soil: 2. A conceptual numerical

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Vertical and lateral soil moisture patterns on a Mediterranean karst hillslope

water balance model for estimating deep drainage (potential recharge): An application to cropped land in semiarid North-east Nigeria. Geoderma, 140, 1-2, 119-131. English, N.B., Weltzin, J.F., Fravolini, A., Thomas, L., Williams, D.G., 2005. The influence of soil texture and vegetation on soil moisture under rainout shelters in a semi-desert grassland. J. Arid Environ., 63, 324-343. Entekhabi, D., Rodriguez-Iturbe, I. and Castelli, F., 1996. Mutual interaction of soil moisture state and atmospheric processes. J. Hydrol., 184, 3

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Comparison of Experimentally Measured Deformation of the Plate on the Subsoil and the Results of 3D Numerical Model

), ISSN: 1877-7058, DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2013.09.044, 2013. [17] KRALIK, J. & JENDZELOVSKY, N. Contact problem of reinforced-concrete girder and nonlinear Winkler foundation. In: Strata Mechanics, Numerical Methods, Water Jet Cutting, Mechanical Rock Disintegration: Proceedings of the International Conference Geomechanics 93, Ostrava, Czech Republic, pp. 233-236 (4 p), A.A. Balkema, ISBN: 905410354X, 9789054103547, 1994. [18] LABUDKOVA, J. Comparison of soil - foundation interaction models with measured values, Master Thesis, (163 p

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Effects of patterned Artemisia capillaris on overland flow resistance under varied rainfall intensities in the Loess Plateau of China

influence of aspect and vegetation on seasonal changes in erosion under rainfall simulation on a clay soil in Spain. Canadian Journal of Soil Science, 78, 321-330. Cerdà, A., 2001. Effects of rock fragment on soil infiltration, inter-rill runoff and erosion. European Journal of Soil Science, 52, 1, 59-68. Cerdà, A., 2002. The effect of season and parent material on water erosion on highly eroded soils in eastern Spain. Journal of Arid Environments, 52, 319-337. Chen, G.X., Yao, W.Y., 1996. Effect of rainfall on hydraulic

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The HPx software for multicomponent reactive transport during variably-saturated flow: Recent developments and applications

-dimensional flow. Comp. Geotech., 58, 1–13. Mayer, K.U., Alt-Epping, P., Jacques, D., Arora, B., Steefel, C.I., 2015. Benchmark problems for reactive transport modeling of the generation and attenuation of acid rock drainage. Comp. Geosci., 19, 599–611. Mayer, K.U., Frind, E.O., Blowes, D.W., 2002. Multicomponent reactive transport modeling in variably saturated porous media using a generalized formulation for kinetically controlled reactions. Water Resour. Res., 38, 1174, DOI: 1110.1029/2001WR000862. Mays, D.C., Hunt, J.R., 2007. Hydrodynamic and chemical

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