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Berberis vulgaris alleviates Levodopa-induced dyskinesia in male mice

W. Beneficial effects of amantadine on L-dopa-induced dyskinesias in Parkinson’s disease. Movement Dis 2000; 15(5):873-8. 5. Calixto J. Efficacy, safety, quality control, marketing and regulatory guidelines for herbal medicines (phytotherapeutic agents). Brazilian J Med Biol Res 2000; 33(2):179-89. 6. Rahimi-Madiseh M, Lorigoini Z, Zamani-Gharaghoshi H, Rafieian-Kopaei M. Berberis vulgaris : specifications and traditional uses. Iran J Basic Med Sci 2017; 20(5):569-87. doi: 7. Schober A. Classic toxin

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Medicinal properties of fungi occurring on Betula sp. trees. A review

:// 7. Ramberg JE, Nelson ED, Sinnott RA. Immunomodulatory dietary polysaccharides: a systematic review of the literature. Nutr J 2010; 9:54. doi: 8. Yang QY, Wu S. Polysaccharide Peptide of Coriolus versicolor , 1998, . 9. Kuriyama I, Nakajima Y, Nishida H, Konishi T, Takeuchi T, Sugawara F et al. Inhibitory effects of low molecular weight polyphenolics from Inonotus obliquus on human DNA topoisomerase activity and cancer cell proliferation. Mol Med

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Ganoderma lucidum (Curt.: Fr.) Karst. – health-promoting properties. A review

.: Fr.) P. Karst. (Aphyllophoromycetideae) mycelia inhibit the growth of human breast adenocarcinoma MCF-7 cells. Int J Med Mushrooms 2009; 11(3):249-257. 41. Liu JJ, Huang WH, Lv ML, Si JP, Guo BL, Li SJ. Determination of ergosterol in Ganoderma lucidum from different varieties and cultured tree species by HPLC. Zhong Yao Cai 2011; 34 (2):187-190. 42. Pharmacopoeia of The People’s Republic of China. Chemical Industry Press, Michigan University, USA, 2000, T1: pp.1331. 43. Reishi Mushroom Ganoderma lucidum . Standards of analysis, quality control

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Phytochemical, pharmacological and clinical studies of petasites hybridus (l.) P. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. A review /

, Letzel T. The medical plant butterbur (Petasites): analytical and physiological (re)view. J Pharm Biomed Anal 2013; 75:220-29. 20. Wu SN, Chen H, Lin YL. The mechanism of inhibitory actions of S-petasin, a sesquiterpene of Petasites formosanus, on L-type calcium current in NG108-15 neuronal cells. Planta Med 2003; 69(2):118-24. 21. Sok DE, Oh SH, Kim YB, Kang HG, Kim MR. Neuroprotection by extract of Petasites japonicus leaves, a traditional vegetable, against oxidative stress in brain of mice challenged with kainic acid. Eur J Nutr 2006

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Nutritional value and health-promoting properties of Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Imbach

REFERENCES 1. Chen J, Seviour R. Medicinal importance of fungal -(1-3), (1-6)-glucans. Mycol Res 2007; 111: 635-652. doi: 2. Rop O, Mlcek J, Jurikova T. Beta-glucans in higher fungi and their health effects. Nutr Rev 2009; 67(11):624-631. doi: 3. Ferreira CFRI, Vaz JA, Vasconcelos MH, Martins A. Compounds from wild mushrooms with anti-tumor potential. Anti Canc Agents Med 2010; 10 (5): 424-436. 4. Wasser SP, Akavia E. Regulatory issues of

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