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Flow cytometry as a valuable tool to study cyanobacteria:A mini-review

fluorescencji chlorofilu Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii i Aphanizomenon flos-aquae pod wpływem soli ołowiu (Changes of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii and Aphanizomenon flos-aquae chlorophyll fluorescence under the influence of lead), Ochr. Środ . Zas. Nat. 48: 513–519 (in Polish, English summary). Poniedziałek B., Rzymski P., Karczewski J., 2014, Increased apoptosis of regulatory T cells in Crohn’s disease, Hepatogastroenterology 61(130): 382–384. Readman J.W., Devilla R.A., Tarran G., Llewellyn C.A., Fileman T.W., Easton A., Burkill P.H., Mantoura R.F.C., 2004

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Occurrence of chemicals with known or suspected endocrine disrupting activity in drinking water, groundwater and surface water, Austria 2017/2018

quantification (LOQ) and the limit of detection (LOD) for these methods. The chromatographic system consisted of a Thermo QExactive mass spectrometer, coupled to an Ultimate 3000 UHPLC system equipped with an EQuan On-Line SPE (Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose CA, USA). An Acclaim Polar Advantage II (Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose CA, USA) and a Waters Xselect HSS T3, respectively, were used as analytical columns, and an OASIS HLB (Waters Corporation, Milford MA, USA) for pre-concentration. Two different types of scans were conducted: A high resolution full

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Organo-Sulphur Garlic Compounds Influence Viability of Mammalian Cells: A Review

–513. doi: 10.1016/j.tibs.2010.04.002. Huang J, Yang B, Xiang T, Peng W, Qiu Z, Wan J, Zhang L, Li H, Li H, Ren G (2015): Diallyl disulfide inhibits growth and metastatic potential of human triple-negative breast cancer cells through inactivation of the β-catenin signaling pathway. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, 59, 1063–1075. doi: 10.1002/mnfr.201400668. Huang LC, Villar-Palasi C, Kochevar LE, Charlton JP, King LS, Huang CH (1985): Phosphorylation of the regulatory subunit of type I cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase by its catalytic subunit. Journal

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Researches on Morphofunctional Status of the Digestive Tract of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus L.) Bred in Latvia

., Zītare, I., & Jemeļjanovs, A. (2000) Liellopu priekškuņgu difūzā neiroendokrīnā sistēma. Starptautiskās zinātniskās konferences "Veterinārmedicīnas aktualitātes" Raksti, 2000. gada 29. septembrī (pp. 140-144). Jelgava: LLU VMF. Rao, M. V., Houseweart, M. K., Williamson, T. L., Crawford, T. O., Folmer, J., & Cleveland, D. W. (1998). Neurofilament-dependent radial growth of motor axons and axonal organization of neurofilaments does not require the neurofilament heavy submit (NF-H) or its phosphorylation. Journal of Cell Biology , 143(1), 171

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Update of the List of Allergenic Proteins From Milk, Based on Local Amino Acid Sequence Identity with Known Epitopes From Bovine Milk Proteins-a Short Report

potentially cross-reactive protein matches. Mol. Nutr. Food Res., 2006, 50, 655-660. Gowthaman U., Agrewala J. N., In Silico tools for predicting peptides binding to HLA-class II molecules: more confusion than conclusion. J. Proteome Res., 2008, 7, 154-163. Gowthaman U., Agrewala J. N., In silico methods for predicting T-cell epitopes: Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde? Expert Rev. Proteom., 2009, 6, 527-537. Holm L., Sander C., Removing near-neighbour redundancy from a large protein sequence collection

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Changes in Sugar Content in Winter Wheat during Overwintering

. (2007). Increased cell-wall mass and resistance to freezing and snow mold during cold acclimation of winter wheat under field conditions. Plant Production Sciences , 10(4), 383-390. Vágújfalvi, A., Kerepesi, I., Galiba, G., Tischner, T., & Sutka, J. (1999). Frost hardiness depending on carbohydrate changes during cold acclimation in wheat. Plant Science , 144(2), 85-92. Vágújfalvi, A., Nagy, V. A., Soltèsz, A., & Galiba, G. (2010). A simpliefied method to test cereal frost tolerance. Acta Agronomica Hungarica , 58

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Oxidation Stress is Adaptative Reaction Inductor of Winter Wheat Plants

. Spinach chloroplast scavenge H 2 0 2 on illumination. In Plant and Cell Physiology , vol. 21 , no. 7, pp. 1295–1307. AZEVEDO NETO, A.D. – PRISCO, J.T. – ENEAS-FIL-HO, J. – MEDEIROS, J-VR.– GOMES-FILHO, E. 2005. Hydrogen peroxide pre-treatment induces stress acclimation in maize plants. In Journal of Plant Physiology , vol. 162 , no. 10, pp. 1114–22. DOI:10.1016/j.jplph.2005.01.007. BOWLE, R.C. –MONTAGU, M.V. – INZE, D. 1992. Superoxide dismutase and stress tolerance. In Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology , vol. 43 , pp. 83-116. DOI

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Back In Time: Fish Oocyte As A Superior Model For Human Reproduction? A Review

China Life Sciences, 53, 409–415. doi: 10.1007/s11427-010-0092-6. Hampl A, Eppig JJ (1995): Analysis of the mechanism(s) of metaphase-I arrest in maturing mouse oocytes. Development, 121, 925–933. Han SJ, Conti M (2006): New pathways from PKA to the Cdc2/cyclin B complex in oocytes – Wee1B as a potential PKA substrate. Cell Cycle, 5, 227–231. doi: 10.4161/cc.5.3.2395. Han SJ, Vaccari S, Nedachi T, Andersen CB, Kovacina KS, Roth RA, Conti M (2006): Protein kinase B/Akt phosphorylation of PDE3A and its role in mammalian oocyte maturation. EMBO Journal

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Healthy Multifunctional Spectra of Milk Glycoproteins and Their Fragments - a Review Article

References Abe H., Saito H., Miyakawa H., Tamura Y., Shimamura S., Nagao E., Tomita M., Heat stability of bovine lactoferrin at acidic pH. J. Dairy Sci., 1991, 74, 65-71. Adlerova L., Bartoskova A., Faldyna M., Lactoferrin: a review. Veterinarni Medicina, 2008, 53, 457-468. Ajello M., Greco R., Giansanti F., Massucci M.T., Antonini G., Valenti P., Anti-invasive activity of bovine lactoferrin towards group A streptococci. Biochem. Cell Biol., 2002, 80, 119

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Effect of Quercetin on Bone Mineral Status and Markers of Bone Turnover in Retinoic Acid-Induced Osteoporosis

Petroselinum crispum, Ocimum basilicum and Cichorium intybus L. in glucocorticoidinduced osteoporosis in rats. BMC Complement Altern. Med., 2016, Jun 2; 16, 165, doi: 10.1186/s12906-016-1140-y. 12. Huuskonen J., Arnala I., Olkkonen H., Alhava E., Alendronate infl uences bending force of femoral diaphysis after orchidectomy in rats. Ann. Chir. Gynaecol., 2001, 90, 109-114. 13. Inoue J., Choi J.M., Yoshidomi T., Yashiro T., Sato R., Quercetin enhances VDR activity, leading to stimulation of its target gene expression in Caco-2 cells. Nutr. Sci

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