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Mesenchymal Stem Cells Attenuate Acute Liver Failure by Promoting Expansion of Regulatory T Cells in an Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase-dependent Manner

between interleukin 17 producing and regulatory natural killer T cells. Liver Transpl. 2017;23:1040-1050. 15. Gazdic M, Markovic BS, Arsenijevic A, Jovicic N, Acovic A, Harrell CR,Fellabaum C, Djonov V, Arsenijevic N, Lukic ML, Volarevic V. Crosstalk between mesenchymal stem cells and T regulatory cells is crucially important for the attenuation of acute liver injury. Liver Transpl. 2018;24:687-702. 16. Volarevic V, Milovanovic M, Ljujic B, Pejnovic N, Arsenijevic N, Nilsson U, Leffler H, Lukic ML. Galectin-3 deficiency prevents

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Exo-D-MAPPS Attenuates Production of Inflammatory Cytokines and Promoted Generation of Immunosuppressive Phenotype in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

: 1954-1964. 26. Pejnovic NN, Pantic JM, Jovanovic IP, Radosavljevic GD, Milovanovic MZ, Nikolic IG, Zdravkovic NS, Djukic AL, Arsenijevic NN, Lukic ML. Galectin-3 deficiency accelerates high-fat diet-induced obesity and amplifies inflammation in adipose tissue and pancreatic islets. Diabetes. 2013; 62: 1932-1944. 27. Volarevic V, Zdravkovic N, Harrell CR, Arsenijevic N, Fellabaum C, Djonov V, Lukic ML, Simovic Markovic B. Galectin-3 Regulates Indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase-Dependent Cross-Talk between Colon-Infiltrating Dendritic Cells and T Regulatory Cells

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Therapeutic Potential of “Exosomes Derived Multiple Allogeneic Proteins Paracrine Signaling: Exosomes d-MAPPS” is Based on the Effects of Exosomes, Immunosuppressive and Trophic Factors

-damaged lung and pulmonary function partly via VEGFVEGF receptors. J Cell Biochem 2013;114:323-335. 17. Pandey AC, Lancaster JJ, Harris DT, Goldman S, Juneman E. Cellular Therapeutics for Heart Failure: Focus on Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Stem Cells Int 2017;2017:9640108. 18. Di Trapani M, Bassi G, Ricciardi M, Fontana E, Bifari F, Pacelli L, Giacomello L, Pozzobon M, Féron F, De Coppi P, Anversa P, Fumagalli G, Decimo I, Menard C, Tarte K, Krampera M. Comparative study of immune regulatory properties of stem cells derived from different tissues. Stem Cells Dev 2013

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Spleen Derived Immune Cells in Acute Ischemic Brain Injury: A Short Review

Technol. 2016 ;14(5):298-307 17. Certo M, Endo Y, Ohta K, Sakurada S, Bagetta G, Amantea D – Activation of RXR/PPAR gamma underlines neuroprotection by bexarotene in ischemic stroke. Pharmacol Res. 2015; 102:298-307 18. Seifert HA, Hall AA, Chapman CB, Collier LA, Willing AE, Pennypacker KR – A transient decrease in spleen size following stroke corresponds to splenocyte release into systemic circulation. J Neuroimmune Pharmacol. 2012; 7(4):1017–1024 19. Li P, Gan Y, Sun BL, Zhang F, Lu B, Gao Y, et al. Adoptive regulatory T-cell therapy protects

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Number and Distribution of Mast Cells in Reproductive Systems of Gravid and Non-Gravid Female Mice

-pregnant human myometrium. Am J Reprod Immunol 2010; 64(3): 188-96. 21. Garfield RE, Irani AM, Schwartz LB, Bytautiene E, Romero R. Structural and functional comparison of mast cells in the pregnant versus nonpregnant human uterus. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2006; 194(1): 261-7. 22. Woidacki K, Meyer N, Schumacher A, Goldschmidt A, Maurer M, Zenclussen AC. Transfer of regulatory T cells into abortion-prone mice promotes the expansion of uterine mast cells and normalizes early pregnancy angiogenesis. Scientific Reports [Internet] 2015 Nov [cited 2019 Feb 20]; 5

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Synergism of PDL/PD1 and IL33/ST2 Axis in Tumor Immunology

-mediated immunosuppression. Immunotherapy., 2014; 6: 973-988 39. Chen X et al. PD-1 regulates extrathymic regulatory T-cell differentiation. Eur J Immunol. 2014; 44: 2603-2616. 40. Meng Y, Liang H, Hu J, Liu S, Hao X, Wong MSK, Li X, Hu L. PD-L1 Expression Correlates With Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes And Response To Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy In Cervical Cancer. J Cancer. 2018;9(16):2938-2945. 41. Kim JM, Chen DS. Immune escape to PD-L1/PD-1 blockade: seven steps to success (or failure). Ann Oncol. 2016;27(8):1492-504. 42. Taube JM et al. Colocalization o

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New Insights in the Pathogenesis of Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity

. Price PM, Safirstein RL, Megyesi J. Protection of renal cells from cisplatin toxicity by cell cycle inhibitors. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2004 Feb;286(2):F378-84. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00192.2003 30. Megyesi J, Safirstein RL, Price PM. Induction of p21WAF1/CIP1/SDI1 in kidney tubule cells affects the course of cisplatin-induced acute renal failure. J Clin Invest. 1998 Feb 15; 101(4): 777–782. doi: 10.1172/JCI1497. 31. Zhou H, Kato A, Yasuda H, Miyaji T, Fujigaki Y, Yamamoto T, et al. The induction of cell cycle regulatory and DNA repair proteins in

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Preeclampsia – Prediction and Monitoring Factors

.M.J. & Ghanbari, M. (2018). Cell Cycle Regulation of Stem Cells by MicroRNAs. Stem. Cell. Rev., 14(3), 309–22. 10.1007/s12015-018-9808-y Mens M.M.J. Ghanbari M. 2018 Cell Cycle Regulation of Stem Cells by MicroRNAs Stem. Cell. Rev 14 3 309 22 30 Soltanzadeh-Yamchi, M., Shahbazi, M., Aslani, S. & Mohammadnia-Afrouzi, M. (2018). MicroRNA signature of regulatory T cells in health and autoimmunity. Biomed. Pharmacother., 100, 316–23. 10.1016/j.biopha.2018.02.030 29453041 Soltanzadeh-Yamchi M. Shahbazi M. Aslani S. Mohammadnia-Afrouzi M. 2018

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Immunomodulatory Effects of Bcg in Patients with Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis / Иммуномоделирующие Эффекты Всg У Пациентов С Рецидивирующим Респираторным Папилломатозом

;72(4):433-52. 4. Blumin JH, Handler EB, Simpson CB, et al. Dysplasia in adults with recurrent respiratory papillomatosis: incidence and risk factors. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 2009;118(7):481-5. 5. Nikolova M, Lelievre JD, Carriere M, et al. Regulatory T cells modulate differentially the maturation and apoptosis of human CD8-T cell subsets. Blood 2009;113(19):4556-65. 6. Lohr J, Knoechel B, Caretto D, et al. Balance of Th1 and Th17 effector and peripheral regulatory T cells. Microbes Infect 2009;11(5):589-93. 7. Damyanov C, Terziev

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Immunological Aspects of Depressive Disorder – The Review

, Xiao B, Qiu W, Yang L, Hu B, Tian X et al. Altered expression of CD4(+)CD25(+) regulatory T cells and its 5-HT(1a) receptor in patients with major depression disorder. J. Affect. Disord. 2010;124:68–75. 62. Bartrop RW, Luckhurst E, Lazarus L, Kiloh LG, Penny R. Depressed lymphocyte function after bereavement. Lancet 1977;1:834–36. 63. Eilat E, Mendlovic S, Doron A, Zakuth V, Spirer Z. Increased apoptosis in patients with major depression: a preliminary study. J. Immunol. 1999; 163: 533–34. 64. Baniyash M. Chronic inflammation, immunosuppression and

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