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Szymon Wiśniewski

13th international conference on Ubiquitous computing, 123-132, ACM. Bottasso, A. and Conti, M. (2010). The productive effect of transport infrastructures: does road transport liberalization matter? Journal of Regulatory Economics , 38(1), 27–48. Bröcker, J., Korzhenevych, A., and Schürmann, C. (2010). Assessing spatial equity and efficiency impacts of transport infrastructure projects. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 44(7), 795-811. Bruinsma, F. and Rietveld, P. (1998). The accessibility of European cities: theoretical

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Tomor Çela and Ibrahim Ramadani

(partially), in industry D (low), in communication C (partially), in commerce, hotels and tourism D (low), in education, culture, health, and administration C (partially). Fig. 1 Geographical position of Gllogoc municipality Source : Çela T, 2018 This is an indicator that the development of socio-economic activities has stimulated the functional and spatial transformation of the municipality due to the increase in economic and administrative activities for two decades when the participation rate of the active population in the primary sector decreased