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The human bone oxygen isotope ratio changes with aging

Endocrinology and Metabolism 21: 369–374, DOI 10.1016/j.tem.2010.01.010. [52] Manolagas SC, 2000. Birth and death of bone cells: basic regulatory mechanisms and implications for the pathogenesis and treatment of osteoporosis. Endocrine Review 21: 115–137, DOI 10.1210/er.21.2.115. [53] Martin DL and Armelagos GJ, 1985. Skeletal remodeling and mineralization as indicators of health: an example from prehistoric Sudanese Nubia. Journal of Human Evolution 14: 527–537, DOI 10.1016/S0047

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Fine and ultrafine TiO2 particles in aerosol in Kraków (Poland)

developing regulatory controls. Atmospheric Environment, 44 , 5035-5052. DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2010.08.016. Liu, K., Lin, X., & Zhao, J. (2013). Toxic effects of the interaction of titanium dioxide nanoparticles with chemicals or physical factors. International Journal of Nanomedicine , 8 , 2509-2520. DOI: 10.2147/IJN.S46919. Long, T., Saleh, N., Tilton, R., Lowry, G., & Veronesi, B. (2006). Titanium Dioxide (P25) Produces Reactive Oxygen Species in Immortalized Brain Microglia (BV2): Implications for Nanoparticle Neurotoxicity. Environmental Science and

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Relations between theoretical and real-time accessibility for inter-regional, intra-regional and intra-urban car journeys:The example of Poland

13th international conference on Ubiquitous computing, 123-132, ACM. Bottasso, A. and Conti, M. (2010). The productive effect of transport infrastructures: does road transport liberalization matter? Journal of Regulatory Economics , 38(1), 27–48. Bröcker, J., Korzhenevych, A., and Schürmann, C. (2010). Assessing spatial equity and efficiency impacts of transport infrastructure projects. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 44(7), 795-811. Bruinsma, F. and Rietveld, P. (1998). The accessibility of European cities: theoretical

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Construction coefficient in the settlements of Gllogoc Municipality (Republic of Kosova)

(partially), in industry D (low), in communication C (partially), in commerce, hotels and tourism D (low), in education, culture, health, and administration C (partially). Fig. 1 Geographical position of Gllogoc municipality Source : Çela T, 2018 This is an indicator that the development of socio-economic activities has stimulated the functional and spatial transformation of the municipality due to the increase in economic and administrative activities for two decades when the participation rate of the active population in the primary sector decreased

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