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K. Puszyński, P. Lachor, M. Kardyńska and J. Śmieja

blinkers: dynamics of regulatory and signaling pathways in the cell”, Current Opinion in Cell Biology 15, 221--231 (2003). [5] K. Richter, M. Nessling, and P. Lichter, “Macromolecular crowding and its potential impact on nuclear function”, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1783 (11), 2100-2107 (2008). [6] H.X. Zhou, G. Rivas, and A.P. Minton, “Macromolecular crowding and confinement: biochemical, biophysical, and potential physiological consequences”, Annual Review of Biophysics 37, 375-397 (2008). [7] E. Conrad and J

Open access

J. Jurasz and J. Mikulik

. [4] J. Twidell and T. Weir, Renewable Energy Resources, Routledge, 2015. [5] M.A. Green, K. Emery, Y. Hishikawa, W. Warta, and E.D. Dunlop, Solar cell efficiency tables (Version 45), Progress in photovoltaics: research and applications 23(1), 1‒9 (2015). [6] B. Liu, M. Holmbom, A. Segerstedt, and W. Chen, “Effects of carbon emission regulations on remanufacturing decisions with limited information of demand distribution”, International Journal of Production Research 53(2), 532‒548 (2015). [7] T. Hong, P. Pinson, S. Fan, H. Zareipour, A

Open access

Ibrahim S. Seddiek and Mohamed M. Elgohary

and container ships case studies. Alexandria Engineering Journal, 48(2), pp.151-159. El-Gohary, M.M., 2012. The future of natural gas as a fuel in marine gas turbine for LNG carriers. Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment, 226, pp.371-377. EPA, 2009. Regulatory impact analysis: control of emissions of air pollution from category 3 marine diesel engines. USA: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). Eyring, V., Isaksen, I.S.A., Berntsen, T., Collins, W., Endresen, O., Grainger, R., Moldanova, J

Open access

A. Ulatowska-Jarża, J. Pucińska, K. Wysocka-Król, I. Hołowacz and H. Podbielska

. Release 144(3), 314-323 (2010). V.P. Torchilin, "Recent advances with liposomes as pharmaceutical carriers", Nat. Rev. Drug Discov. 4, 145-160 (2005). G. Thurston, J.W. McLean, M. Rizen, P. Baluk, A. Haskell, T.J. Murphy, D. Hanahan, and D.M. McDonald, "Cationic liposomes target angiogenic endothelial cells in tumors and chronic inflammation in mice", J. Clin. Invest. 101, 1401-1413 (1998). S. Krasnici, A. Werner, M.E. Eichhorn, M. Schmitt-Sody, S.A. Pahernik, B. Sauer, B. Schulze, M

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Sabina Galiniak, Izabela Krawczyk-Merć and Agnieszka Pedrycz

cell lines derived from human blastocysts. Science 1998; 282(5391):1145-7. 8. Tabei I, Hashimoto H, Ishiwata I, Tokieda Y, Tachibana T, Akahori M et al. New approach for the establishment of an hepatocyte cell line derived from rat early embryonic stem cells. Hum Cell 2003; 16(1):39-46. 9. Itskovitz-Eldor J, Schuldiner M, Karsenti D, Eden A, Yanuka O, Amit M et al. Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into embryoid bodies compromising the three embryonic germ layers. Mol Med 2000; 6(2):88-95. 10. Pera MF, Tam PP. Extrinsic regulation of

Open access

Romuald Olszański, Maciej Konarski and Piotr Siermontowski

autoimmune arthritis in the absence of reactive oxygen species. Eur J Immunol, 38: 1118-1126. DOI: 10.1002/eji.200737348; 55. Kraaij MD, Savage ND, van der Kooij SW, Koekkoek K, Wang J, van den Bergd JM, Ottenhoff THM, Kuijpers TW, Holmdahle R, van Kootena C, Geldermana KA (2010) Induction of regulatory T cells by macrophages is dependent on production of reactive oxygen species. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 107: 17686-17691. DOI:10.1073/pnas.1012016107/-/DCSupplemental; 56. Dang EV, Barbi J, Yang HY, Jinasena D, Yu H, Zheng Y, Bordman Z, Fu J