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Hao Huanrui

Increase in Donor-Derived Regulatory T Cells Suppresses Development of Graft- Versus-Host Disease. - Journal of Immunology, Vol. 190, 2013, No 1, pp. 458-468. 12. Tesson, S. V. M., M. Montresor, G. Procaccini et al. Temporal Changes in Population Structure of a Marine Planktonic Diatom. - PloS One, Vol. 9, 2014, No 12, e114984.

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Ronald N. Kostoff

while at work receive about 0.01mg/kg per day from that source alone. This amount of fluoride is more than 100 times the Reference Dose ( Hirzy, 1999 ). This level of discrepancy between doses yielding adverse health effects shown in the literature and regulatory agency guidelines is not unique to either fluoridation or the EPA. For example, in a major study of adverse health effects from electromagnetic fields ( Carpenter & Sage, 2012 ), the Bioinitiative Report shows orders of magnitude differences between (1) demonstrated adverse health impacts from

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Ahmed Salem, Pascal Berrang, Mathias Humbert and Michael Backes

References [1] Shirley E. Poduslo, Rong Huang, Jie Huang, and Sierra M. Smith. Genome screen of late-onset alzheimer’s extended pedigrees identifies trpc4ap by haplotype analysis. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics , 150B(1):50–55, 2009. [2] Andrew P Feinberg and M Daniele Fallin. Epigenetics at the crossroads of genes and the environment. JAMA , 314:1129–1130, 2015. [3] Peter A Jones and Stephen B Baylin. The epigenomics of cancer. Cell , 128:683–692, 2007. [4] Irfan A Qureshi and Mark F Mehler