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Optimization of Processing Parameters for Lettuce Vacuum Osmotic Dehydration Using Response Surface Methodology

pretreatment and evaluation of quality of jackfruit ( Artocarpus heterophyllus ) bulb crisps developed using combination drying. Food Bioprod. Process., 2015, 95, 106–117. 21. Souraki B.A., Ghaffari A., Bayat Y., Mathematical modeling of moisture and solute diffusion in the cylindrical green bean during osmotic dehydration in salt solution. Food Bioprod. Process., 2012, 90, 64–71. 22. Wray D., Ramaswamy H.S., Development of a microwave–vacuum-based dehydration technique for fresh and microwave–osmotic (MWODS) pretreated whole cranberries ( Vaccinium macrocarpon

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Active And Intelligent Packaging Food – Research And Development – A Review

References 1. Ahvenainen R., Active and intelligent packaging: an introduction. 2003, in: Novel Food Packaging Techniques (ed. R. Ahvenainen).Finland: CRC Press, pp. 5-21. 2. Anon., Scavenger solution. Packaging News, December edn, 1995, 20. 3. Aucejo V. S., Catalá R., & Gavara R., Interactions between water and EVOH food packaging films. Food Sci. Technol. Int., 2000, 6, 159-164. 4. Blixt Y., Borch E., Using an electronic nose for determining the spoilage of vacuum-packaged beef. Int. J. Food

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Petal Growth Physiology of Cut Rose Flowers: Progress and Future Prospects

.K., Proels R. et al. 2004. Extracellular invertase is an essential component of cytokinin- mediated delay of senescence. Plant Cell 16: 1276-1287. DOI: 10.1105/tpc.018929. Belfield E.J., Ruperti B., Roberts J.A., McQueen-Mason S.J. 2005. Changes in expansin activity and gene expression during ethylene-promoted leaflet abscission in Sambucus nigra. Journal of Experimental Botany 56: 817-823. DOI: 10.1093/jxb/eri076. Bendahmane M., Dubois A., Raymond O., Bris M.L. 2013. Genetics and genomics of flower initiation and development in roses

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