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2D density model of the Chinese continental lithosphere along a NW-SE transect

., Cawood P. A., Xu Y. J., 2012: From subduction to collision in the northern Tibetan plateau: Evidence from the early Silurian clastic rocks, northwestern China. Journal of Geology, 120 , 1, 49–67. Zhang P. Z., Shen Z. K., Wang M., Gan W. J., Bürgmann R., Molnar P., Wang Q., Niu Z. J., Sun J. Z., Wu J. C., Sun H. R., You X. Z., 2004: Continuous deformation of the Tibetan Plateau from global positioning system data. Geology 32 , 9, 809–812. Zhang Y. J., Gao Y., Shi Y. T., Cheng W. Z., 2008: Shear-wave splitting of Sichuan regional seismic network. Acta

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