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Multiplicative topological descriptors of Silicon carbide

)}{\sqrt{\frac{{{d}_{u}}+{{d}_{v}}-2}{{{d}_{u}}\cdot {{d}_{v}}}}}, \\\,\,\,\,\,GAII\left( G \right)=\prod\limits_{uv\in E\left( G \right)}{\frac{2\sqrt{{{d}_{u}}\cdot {{d}_{v}}}}{{{d}_{u}}+{{d}_{v}}}}, \\G{{A}^{a}}II\left( G \right)=\prod\limits_{uv\in E\left( G \right)}{{{\left( \frac{2\sqrt{{{d}_{u}}\cdot {{d}_{v}}}}{{{d}_{u}}+{{d}_{v}}} \right)}^{\alpha }}.} \\\end{array}$$ 2 Silicon Carbide In 1891, an American scientist discover Silicon Carbide. But now a days, we can produce silicon carbide artificially by silica and carbon. Till 1929, silicon carbide was known as the hardest

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