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Investigation of Silicon Carbide Polytypes by Raman Spectroscopy

References 1. Pensl, G., & Choyke, W.J. (1993). Electrical and optical characterization of SiC. Physica B, 185, 264-283. 2. Cheung, R. (2006). Silicon Carbide Microelectromechanical Systems for Harsh Environments. Imperial College Press, Сh. 3, ISBN 1860946240. 3. Shenghuang Lin, Zhiming Chen, Lianbi Li, Yintu Ba, Sujuan Liu, & Mingchao Yang (2012). Investigation of micropipes in 6 H-SiC by Raman scattering. Physica, B40, 670-673. 4. Nakashima, S., & Harima, H. (1997). Raman investigation of SiC

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Multiplicative topological descriptors of Silicon carbide

)}{\sqrt{\frac{{{d}_{u}}+{{d}_{v}}-2}{{{d}_{u}}\cdot {{d}_{v}}}}}, \\\,\,\,\,\,GAII\left( G \right)=\prod\limits_{uv\in E\left( G \right)}{\frac{2\sqrt{{{d}_{u}}\cdot {{d}_{v}}}}{{{d}_{u}}+{{d}_{v}}}}, \\G{{A}^{a}}II\left( G \right)=\prod\limits_{uv\in E\left( G \right)}{{{\left( \frac{2\sqrt{{{d}_{u}}\cdot {{d}_{v}}}}{{{d}_{u}}+{{d}_{v}}} \right)}^{\alpha }}.} \\\end{array}$$ 2 Silicon Carbide In 1891, an American scientist discover Silicon Carbide. But now a days, we can produce silicon carbide artificially by silica and carbon. Till 1929, silicon carbide was known as the hardest

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Design Considerations for Gan-Based Microinverter for Energy Storage Integration Into Ac Grid

Generation Semiconductor Silicon Carbide Technology. [Online]. Available at [Accessed: 04-Aug-2017]. 4. Roschatt, P. M., McMahon, R. A., & Pickering, S. (2015). Investigation of dead-time behaviour in GaN DC-DC buck converter with a negative gate voltage. In 9th International Conference on Power Electronics and ECCE Asia, 1-5 June 2015 (pp. 1047-1052). Seoul, Korea. 5. Sørensen, C., Lindblad Fogsgaard, M., Christiansen, M. N., Kjeldal

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Plasma characterization of the gas-puff target source dedicated for soft X-ray microscopy using SiC detectors

., Nanver, L. K., Scholtes, T. L. M., & Scholze, F. (2009). High performance silicon-based extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation detector for industrial application. In IEEE IECON’2009, 3-5 November 2009, Porto, Portugal (pp. 1877-1882). IEEE. 4. Balkanski, M. R., & Wallis, F. (2000). Semiconductor physics and applications. Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press. 5. Attwood, D. (1999). Soft x-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiation. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 6. Torrisi, L., Sciuto, A., Calcagno, L., Musumeci, P

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Neural Network Based Simulation of Micro Creeping Fibrous Composites SiC/Al6061 for Plastic Behaviour

R eferences [1] D ragon , T. L., W. D. N ix . Geometric Factors affecting the Internal Stress Distribution and High Temperature Creep Rate of Discontinuous Fiber Reinforced Metals. Acta. Metall. Mater., 38 (1990), No. 10 , 1941-1953. [2] I smar , H., F. S chröter , F. S treicher . Inelastic Behaviour of Metal-matrix Composites reinforced with Fibres of Silicon Carbide, Alumina or Carbon: a Finite-element Analysis. Compos. Sci. Technol. , 60 (2000), No. 11 , 2129-2136. [3] K im , K. J., W. R. Y u , M. S. K im . Anisotropic Creep

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High Power Laser Laboratory at the Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion: equipment and preliminary research

-produced Cu plasma. J. Phys. D-Appl. Phys., 34 , 1885–1891. DOI: S0022-3727(01)19985-7. 5. Torrisi, L., Foti, G., Giuffrida, L., Puglisi, D., Wołowski, J., Badziak, J., Parys, P., Rosiński, M., Margarone, D., Krasa, J., Velyhan, A., & Ullschmied, U. (2009). Single crystal silicon carbide detector of emitted ions and soft X rays from power laser-generated plasmas. J. Appl. Phys ., 105 , 123304. DOI: 0021-8979/2009/10512/123304/7/. 6. Ryć, L., Badziak, J., Juha, L., Krasa, J., Kralikova, B., Laska, L., Parys, P., Pfeifer, M., Rohlena, K., Skala, J., Słysz, W

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Magnetic and structural properties of Sc(Fe1−xSix)2 Laves phases studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy and neutron diffraction

. Prog. Solid State Chem ., 36 (3), 192–212. DOI: 10.1016/j.progsolidstchem.2008.07.001. 4. Pokatilov, V. S., Sadchikov, V. V., Sidokhin, E. F., & Utenkova, O. V. (1986). Structure and magnetic properties of Fe-Sc alloys. Fiz. Met. Metalloved ., 62 (1), 69–75. 5. Gladyshevskii, E. I., Kotur, B. Y., Bodak, V. P., & Skvorchuk, V. P. (1977). Scandium-iron-silicon system. Dopov. Akad. Nauk Ukr. RSR, A, Fiz.-Tekh. Mat. Nauki (Ukrainian SSR) , 39 (8), 751–754. 6. Niessen, A. K., & DeBoer, F. R. (1981) The enthalpy of formation of solid borides, carbides, nitrides

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Studies on magnetron-sputtered zirconium-silicide coatings deposited on zirconium alloy for the enhancement of their high-temperature oxidation resistance

-Sitton, S., & Galicki, D. (2012). Advanced LWR nuclear fuel cladding system development trade-off study . Idaho National Laboratory. (INL/EXT-12-27090). 11. Kurata, M. (2016). Research and development methodology for practical use of accident tolerant fuel in light water reactors. Nucl. Eng. Technol. , 48 , 26–32. DOI: . 12. Yueh, K., & Terrani, K. A. (2014). Silicon carbide composite for light water reactor fuel assembly applications. J. Nucl. Mater ., 448 , 380–388.

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