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Mechanical and Microstructural Features of Ceramic Hollow Spheres

.1016/j.dib.2015.09.054 [6] Katona B., Szlancsik A., Tábi T., Orbulov I. N.: Compressive characteristics and low frequency damping of aluminium matrix syntactic foams . Materials Science and Engineering, 739. (2019) 140–148. [7] Cox J., Luong D. D., Shunmugasamy V. C., Gupta N., Strbik O. M., Cho K.: Dynamic and Thermal Properties of Aluminum Alloy A356/Silicon Carbide Hollow Particle Syntactic Foams . Metals, 4. (2014) 530–548. [8] Pérez L., Villalobos M., Órdenes C., Drew R. A. L., Ruiz

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Comparison of various tool wear prediction methods during end milling of metal matrix composite

References [1] Bhattacharya D., Lane C., Lin J.T.,Machninability of silicon carbide reinforced aluminium metal matrix composite, Wear 181-183 (1995) 883-888 [2] Davim J.,Diamond tool performance in machining metal-matrix composites, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 128 (2002) 100-105 [3] El-Gallab M., Sklad M.,Machning of Al./SiC particulate metal matrix composites Part I: Tool performance, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 83 (1998) 151-158 [4] El-Gallab M., Sklad M

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Wear Analysis of Cemented Carbide during Turning of Cast Iron Considering Economical Machining Speed

References [1] Aramesh M., Attia M. H., Kishawy H. A., Balazinski M.: Estimating the remaining useful tool life of worn tools under different cutting parameters: A survival life analysis during turning of titanum metal matrix composites (Ti-MMCs), CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, (2016), Vol. 12, p.35-43. [2] Chen J., Liu W., Deng X., Wu S.: Tool life and wear mechanism of WC-5TiC-0.5VC-8Co cemented carbides inserts when machining HT250 gray cast iron, Ceramics international, (2016), Vol. 42, p. 10037

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