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Robert Tenzer, Mohammad Bagherbandi and Peter Vajda

References Bassin C., Laske G., Masters T. G., 2000: The current limits of resolution for surface wave tomography in North America. EOS Trans AGU, 81 , F897. Bullen K. E., 1940: The problem of the Earth's density variation. Bull. Seis. Sic. Amer., 30 , 235-250. Bullen K. E., 1975: The Earth's Density. Chapman and Hall, London. Burdick L. J., Helmberger D. V., 1978: The upper mantle P -velocity structure of the western United States. J. Geophys. Res., 83

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Anna Irena Szymańska and Monika Płaziak

. References Aldridge, A. (2006) Konsumpcja , Sic!, Warsaw [in Polish]. Aldridge A. 2006 Konsumpcja Sic!, Warsaw [in Polish] Almanach centrów handlowych 2013/14. Available from: Almanach-CH-2013-2014 [accessed: 22.01.2017]. Almanach centrów handlowych 2013/14 Available from [accessed: 22.01.2017] Altkorn, J. & Kramer, T., eds., (1998) Leksykon marketingu , PWN, Warsaw [in Polish]. Altkorn J. Kramer T. 1998

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Ivan Andráško

determining the fate of HEs. The location of HEs in Western and Eastern countries can probably be considered the most important aspect with the most general application in this regard. As aptly and comprehensively stated by S. Kabisch & K. Grossmann (2013 : 232), “[t]he situation of housing estates in Europe differs very much between western [sic] European countries and former eastern [sic] European socialist countries. The political goals behind their construction, the diversity of ownership structures as well as the quantitative scope of this neighbourhood type provides