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The Application of Comics in Science Education

Reveals the Vital Blend. In R. Varnum & C. T. Gibbons (Eds.), The Language of Comics: Word and Image. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi. Havice, W. (2014). Integrative STEM Education - Developing Innovators, Educating Creative Learners. National drop out preventine center. Network, 24(1), 35-39. History of Comics in Education. Retrieved from Hobbs, M, & Keddle, J. S. (2014). Your Space. Cambridge University Press. Jakabčic, I. (2002). Základy

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Moral Reciprocity, Ethics of Appropriation of Indigenous Medicinal Plant Knowledge and Associated Biopiracy

Review of the Potential of Phytochemicals from Prunus africana (Hook f.) Kalkman Stem Bark for Chemoprevention and Chemotherapy of Prostate Cancer. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (pp.1-10). Kopnina, H., Washington, H., Taylor, B., & Piccolo, J. (2018). Anthropocentrism: More than just a misunderstood problem. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics , 31 (1), 109-127. Korsgaard, C. (2004). Fellow creatures: Kantian ethics and our duties to animals. Tanner Lectures on Human Values, 24

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