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Some Problems Related to the “Human Embryo” in the European Union Law

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War as nothing but a duel: war as an institution and the construction of the Western military profession

. Ideally, reconciliation is possible after war as long as force was used for legitimate reasons and in ways considered honorable. Similarly, and as Schelling (2008 : 120) observes, conventions also offer “a graceful way out” with “no enduring costs in refusing to compete”. Conversely, and as discussed later, without adhering to the same institution of waging war, war offers no such way out and becomes perpetual. Historically, the strengthening of the state led to the gradual decrease of private conflicts and use of violence stemming from personal honor, which then fed

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Value Investing - Essence And Ways Of Finding Undervalued Assets


Efficient market hypothesis considers that because many talented analysts constantly searching the market for the deals in a short period, after a certain point of time there are not so attractive deals. According to the hypothesis, successful investors owe their success more to luck than to their skills. The paper presents the Value investing. Value investing is an investment paradigm, which stems from the ideas of Benjamin Graham and David Dodd. The proponents, including the chairperson of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett, argue that the essence of value investing is to buy shares at a price lower than their true value. The difference between the market price and intrinsic value of the stock Graham called the “margin of safety”.

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Operational Thinking and Its Application in Operational Design

References [1] DELACRUZ, J. Victor. Sy stemic Operational Design: Enhancing the Joint Operation Planning Process. School of Advanced Military Studies, United States Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 64 p, 2007. [2] NATO Standardization Agency. AAP-06 NATO Glossary of Terms and Definitions (English and French). NATO Headquarters B - 1110 Brussels, Belgium. 431 p. 2015. [3] LONG, M. Shane. Campaign Design Concept: Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Problems in Thoughts on the Operational Art . Quantico: Marine

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