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Kr. Hristov, N. Gateva, P. Stanimirov, N. Ishkitiev, R. Tsikandelova and Z. Mihaylova

REFERENCES 1. D’Souza R. Development of the pulpodentin complex. In Hargreaves KM, Goodis HE, editors. Seltzer and Bender’s dental pulp. Carol Stream, IL: Quintessence Publishing Co., 2002. 13-40. 2. Bhasker SN. Orban’s oral histology and embryology. St. Louis: Mosby, 1991. 3. Huang GT, Sonoyama W, Liu Y, et al. The Hidden Treasure in Apical Papilla: The Potential Role in Pulp/Dentin Regeneration and BioRoot Engineering. J Endod, 2008, 34, 645-651. 4. Chrepa V, Pitcher B, Henry M, et al. Survival of the Apical Papilla and Its Resident Stem

Open access

E. Krasimirova and D. Kyurkchiev

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