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Oladipupo R. Akolade, Alaribe S. Chinwe, Balogun T. Olalekan, Akere T. Halima, Ayanda A. Fatima, Toye T. Emuejevoke and Coke A.B. Herbert


Phytochemical constituents of plants extracts have been well investigated as leads for drug discovery and development. However, aside their immense medicinal properties, their safety is also of paramount importance, therefore evaluating the toxicity of plants extracts and their phytochemicals is an important aspect of quality measures to meet the requirements for consumption.This study was done to identify the volatile phytochemical compounds present in n-hexane extract of Uvaria chamae stems (UCSH) with the aid of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and to evaluate the effects of this non-polar extract on DNA using diphenylamine (DPA) and agarose gel electrophoresis assays, also to investigate the haematological parameters using an auto Haematology Analyzer.The GC-MS analysis of UCSH identified some compounds which include; squalene, lupeol, stigmasterol, β-sitosterol, and Benzyl benzoate with excellent medicinal properties. Genotoxicity assays results showed significant reductions in DNA fragmentation in liver and testis cells of mice as against the DNA biomarker and vehicle control group. Haematological results showed significant increase in white blood cells (WBC), red blood cell (RBC), platelets (PLT) and lymphocytes (LYMP) but significant reduction in mean corpuscular - volume (MCV), haemoglobin (MCH), and haemoglobin concentration (MCHC).The present study showed that the phytochemicals present in the n-Hexane extract of Uvaria chamae stems may play protective role in the genomic DNA of liver and testis tissues and also may induce hematological changes which may enhance the immune system.

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Anthony M. Ugbenyen, John J. Simonis and Albertus K. Basson

affects a subset of neurons in rabbit cerebral cortex, basal forebrain and upper brain stem. Neurosci ., 29 , 329-337. Kurane, R., Takeda, K., and Suzuki, T., 1986. Screening for characteristics of microbial flocculants. Agric. Biol. Chem ., 50 , 2301–2307. Lam, K.S., 2006. Discovery of novel metabolites from marine actinomycetes. Ind. Microbiol ., 9 , 245-251. Lu, W.Y., Zhang, T., Zhang, D.Y., Li, C.H., Wen, J.P., and Du, L.X., 2005. A novel bioflocculantproduced by Enterobacteraerogenes and its use in defecating the trona suspension. Biochem

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Anthony M. Ugbenyen, Thandakile A. Madonsela, John J. Simonis and Albertus K. Basson

, N.W., Pendleury, W.W. and Kessler, J.B., 1989. Aluminium-induced neurofibrillary degeneration affects a subset of neurons in rabbit cerebral cortex, basal forebrain and upper brain stem. Neurosci., 29 , 329-337. Kurane, R. and Nohata, Y., 1991. Microbial flocculation of waste liquids and oil emulsion by a bioflocculant from Alcaligenes latus . Agric. Biol. Chem., 55 , 1127-1129. Kurane, R., Toeda, K., Takeda, K. and Suzuki, T., 1986. Culture condition for production of microbial flocculant by Rhodococcus erythropolis . Agric Biol Chem., 50

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Temitope O. Olomola, Tawakalit O. Kelani, Mojisola C. Cyril-Olutayo and Joseph M. Agbedahunsi

, M., 2015. Pharmacological activities and phytochemistry of various plant containing coumarin derivatives. Curr. Sci. Perspect ., 1 (3), 77-90. Bernaudin, F., Socie, G., Kuentz, M., Chevret, S., Duval, M. Bertrand, Y., Vannier, J.-P., Yakouben, K., Thuret, I., Bordigoni, P., Fischer, A., Lutz, P., Stephan, J.-L., Dhedin, N., Plouvier, E., Margueritte, G., Bories, D., Verlhac, S., Esperou, H., Coic, L., Vernant, J.-P. and Gluckman, E., 2007. Long-term results of related myeloablative stem-cell transplantation to cure sickle cell disease. Blood , 110 (7

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Aliyu Muhammad, Aliyu Dahiru Waziri, Gilead Ebiegberi Forcados, Babangida Sanusi, Hadiza Sani, Ibrahim Malami, Ibrahim Babangida Abubakar, Musa Fatima Abbah, Ali Tony Nelson, Bashir Musa and Hafsat Abdullahi Mohammed

.C., Antalek, M.D., Seamon, C., Conrey, A.K., Mendelsohn, L., Nichols, J., Gorbach, A.M., Kato, G.J., Ackerman, H., 2014. Microvascular oxygen consumption during sickle cell pain crisis. Blood 123, 3101–4. Sani, H.L., Malami, I., Hassan, S.W., Alhassan, A.M., Halilu, M.E., Muhammad, A., 2015. Effects of standardized stem bark extract of Mangifera indica L. In wistar rats with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazineinduced haemolytic anaemia. Pharmacogn. J. 7. Sedrak, A., Kondamudi, N.P., 2018