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The Relationship Between Pistol Olympic Shooting Performance, Handgrip and Shoulder Abduction Strength

Introduction There are many factors that affect performance in Olympic shooting. Elite shooters are capable of reaching extreme levels of precision and accuracy. In female air pistol shooting, the best shooters often reach scores as high as the current world record (393/400), or in other words success of 98.2% hitting the ten points score. Considering that the maximum score of a shot (10 points) represents accuracy within a circle of a diameter of 11.5 mm ± 0.1 mm from a shooting distance of 10 meters, failure or important loss in performance due to

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Trends of Goal Scoring Patterns in Soccer: A Retrospective Analysis of Five Successive FIFA World Cup Tournaments

players in terms of techniques and tactics has become popular ( Acar et al., 2009 ; Castellano et al., 2012 ; Clemente et al., 2015 ; Moura, et al., 2015 ; Smpokos et al. 2018 ). Regardless of the popularity associated with the sport, a low number of goals scored during a match is one of the features of modern soccer ( Phukan et al., 2015 ; Kalinowski et al., 2019 ). This trend is striking considering the fact that goal scoring provides the most exciting and fascinating positive experience for soccer fans as well as coaches and analysts. Therefore, it is

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Analysis of Scoring Sequences in Matches of the Portuguese Premier League

Introduction In soccer, it has been demonstrated that performance of teams can be influenced by the scoreline ( Lago-Peñas, 2012 ; Gómez et al., 2013). Soccer players perform significantly less high-intensity activity when winning than when losing or when the score is tied ( Lago et al., 2010 ). It was also shown that teams had longer periods of possession in matches when they were losing than when they were winning (Lago-Peñas and Dellal, 2010; Lago-Peñas and Gomez-Lopez, 2014), teams played more in the attack and defensive zones when the score was level

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Measuring Fielding Performance in Cricket


Introduction. In cricket, the evaluation of individual player performance has been based on measures such as batting and bowling averages. These statistics are used to quantify the batting and bowling performance of cricketers, but there are no statistics for measuring the performance of fielders. This paper introduces a measure that can be used to assess the fielding performance of cricketers. Method. Various factors that are considered important in fielding are quantified to scores based on the ball-by-ball information of a match for each cricketer. The fielding points of each ball are then combined to calculate the total fielding points of a cricketer in a given match. All the fielding points are then added in order to obtain total fielding points of a cricketer up to a given match. Average fielding points are obtained by dividing the total fielding score by the number of matches played. Data. To demonstrate these measures, the first ODI match of India against Zimbabwe played on 11th June, 2016, is examined. Conclusion. The recommended measures can be used to quantify the fielding performances of cricketers for a series of matches, whether it is ODI or Twenty20 cricket. They make it possible to assess the average fielding performance of each player. Individual fielding performance scores can then be aggregated to measure the overall fielding performance of a team.

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Effect of Two Different Types of Olympic Rotation Order on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Variables in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

). Six international judges, including two judges for the difficulty scores (D) and four judges for the execution scores (E) evaluated the gymnasts’ technical performance according to the FIG’s code of points (FIG, 2009). Each gymnast was required to perform exactly the same routines in both competitions. Statistical Analysis Data are reported as means ± standard deviations and confidence intervals at the 95% level (95% CI). Effect size ( d ) was calculated using GPOWER software “Bonn FRG, Bonn University, Department of Psychology” ( Erdfelder et al., 1996 ). The

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The relative contribution of physical fitness to the technical execution score in youth rhythmic gymnastics

Introduction The relationship between the competition score and physical fitness variables in rhythmic gymnastics has been examined in a number of previous studies ( Bobo-Arce and Mendez-Rial, 2013 ; Hume et al., 1993 ; Rutkauskaite and Skarbalius, 2009 ). Anthropometric variables such as body composition, the arm span and mid-thigh circumference, have been suggested as significant determinants of the rhythmic gymnastics competition score ( Douda et al., 2008 ; Purenovic-Ivanovic and Popovic, 2014 ). Physical fitness variables such as flexibility

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The Effect of Specific Sling Exercises on the Functional Movement Screen Score in Adolescent Volleyball Players: A Preliminary Study

evaluating motor control through functional movement and dynamic coordination analysis ( Cook et al., 2006a , b ). The FMS has also been used as an injury prediction tool in competitive athletes. Recent studies have shown that athletes with an FMS score under 14 were more likely to sustain an injury than their peers who received more than 14 points ( Kiesel et al., 2007 , 2011 ; Chorba et al., 2010 ). Another study has shown that, regardless of the score obtained in the FMS test, asymmetry in movements pointed to a more than 2-fold higher risk of injury ( Kiesel et al

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Ball Possession Strategies in Elite Soccer According to the Evolution of the Match-Score: the Influence of Situational Variables

References Bate R. Football chance. Tactics and strategy. In: Science and Football V. Eds: Reilly T., Less A, Davies K. and Murphy W. 1988. London: E and FN Spon. 293-301. Bloomfield JR, Polman RCJ, O'Donoghue PG. Effects of score-line on team strategies in FA Premier League Soccer. J Sports Sci, 2005. 23: 192-193. Bloomfield JR, Polman, RCJ, O'Donoghue PG. Effects of score-line on intensity of play in midfield and forward players in the FA Premier League. J Sports Sci, 2005. 23

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The Yo-Yo Intermittent Endurance Level 2 Test: Reliability of Performance Scores, Physiological Responses and Overload Characteristics in Competitive Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball Players

al., 2015 ). The speed of the test progresses gradually, and the 2x20-m shuttle runs are followed by an active 5-s recovery phase. It has been stated recently that the Yo-Yo IE2 test scores have a positive correlation with running performance and HR responses in competitive elite male and female soccer players ( Bradley et al., 2011 , 2014) and that the training-induced alterations in soccer-specific endurance capacity of elite male and female players during a competitive season affect performance during the test ( Bradley et al., 2014 ; Heisterberg et al., 2013

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Functional assessment of women practising combat sports and team sports using the Functional Movement Screen

., Gedeborg R., Michaelson K., Byberg L. (2010) Prevention of Soccer-Related Knee Injuries in Teenaged Girls. Arch. Intern. Med., 170: 43-49. 26. Kiesel K., Plisky P., Butler R. (2011) Functional movement test scores improve following a standardized off- season intervention program in professional football players. Scand. J. Med. Sci. Sports , 21(2): 287-292. 27. Kiesel K.B., Butler R.J., Plisky P.J. (2014) Prediction of injury by limited and asymmetrical fundamental movement patterns in American football players. J. Sport Reh ., 23(2): 88-94. 28

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