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Impact of prepartum body condition score loss on metabolic status during the transition period and subsequent fertility in Brown Swiss dairy cows

metabolic processes during the transition period to produce good quality colostrum and subsequently milk ( 31 ). Most cows suffer from clinical or subclinical hypocalcaemia during the first days of lactation, and total plasma calcium levels reach their physiological level 2 to 3 days after parturition ( 17 , 32 ). Clinical or subclinical hypocalcaemia negatively affects energy metabolism and the immune status of cows and a variable degree of Ca insufficiency impairs leukocyte activity ( 24 ). The body condition score (BCS) is a useful and simple method to assess an

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Genetic Parameters for Somatic Cell Count, Logscc and Somatic Cell Score of Breeds: Improved Valachian, Tsigai, Lacaune and their Crosses/Genetski Parametri Za Broj Somatskih Ćelija, Logscc I Skor Somatskih Ćelija Kod Rasa: Poboljšana Vlaška, Cigaja, Lakon I Njihovih Meleza

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Periparturient Period in Terms of Body Condition Score and Selected Parameters of Hormonal Profiles

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Genetic Parameters for Clinical Mastitis, Fertility and Somatic Cell Score in Czech Holstein Cattle

References Alam M., Cho C.I., Choi T.J., Park B., Choi J.G., Choy Y.H., Lee S.S., Cho K.H. (2015). Estimation of genetic parameters for somatic cell scores of Holsteins using multi-trait lactation models in Korea. Asian Australas. J. Anim. Sci., 28: 303–310. Ali A.K.A., Shook G.E. (1980). An optimum transformation for somatic cell concentration in milk. J. Dairy Sci., 63: 487–490. Buch L.H., Sorensen M.K., Lassen J., Berg P., Jakobsen J.H., Johansson K., Sorensen A.C. (2011). Udder health and female fertility traits are favourably correlated and

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The Effect of Body Condition Score on the Biochemical Blood Indices and Reproductive Performance of Dairy Cows

References Akbar H., Grala T.M., Vailati Riboni M., Cardoso F.C., Verkerk G., Mc Gowa n J., Macdonald K., Webster J., Schutz K., Meier S., Matthews L., Roche J.R., Loor J.J. (2015). Body condition score at calving affects systemic and hepatic transcriptome indicators of inflammation and nutrient metabolism in grazing dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci., 98: 1019-1032. Busato A., Faissle D., Kupfer U., Blum J.W. (2002). Body condition scores in dairy cows: associations with metabolic and endocrine changes in healthy dairy cows. J. Vet

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Relationship between the pre- and postpartum body condition scores and periparturient indices and fertility in high-yielding dairy cows

References 1. Adamski M.: Kondycja krów w okresie okołoporodowym a poziom wybranych parametrów krwi i płodności. Publication of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wrocław, 2010, pp. 7-84. 2. Akbar H., Grala T.M., Vailati Riboni M., Cardoso F.C., Verkerk G., McGowan J., Macdonald K., Webster J., Schutz K., Meier S., Matthews L., Roche J.R., Loor J.J.: Body condition score at calving affects systemic and hepatic transcriptome indicators of inflammation and nutrient metabolism in grazing dairy cows. J

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Ultrastructural Changes in the Cyclic Corpus Luteum of Dairy Cows with Different Body Condition

-112. 10. Stankiewicz T, Blaszczyk B: Concentrations of bone morphogenetic protein-15 (BMP-15) and growth differentiation factor-9 (GDF-9) in follicular cysts, mono- and polyoocyte follicles in gilts. Acta Vet Beograd 2014, 64: 24-32 11. Edmonson AJ, Lean IJ, Weaver LD, Farver T, Webster G: A body condition scoring chart for Holstein dairy cows. J Dairy Sci 1989, 72: 68-78. 12. Boshier DP, Holloway H, Kitchin LF: A comparison of standard lipid staining techniques used in electron microscopic studies of mammalian tissues. Stain Technol 1984

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Pathological Alterations in Hepatocytes of Dairy Cows With a Tendency to Emaciation and Fattening

: Bromsulphatalein clearance and total billirubin level in cow deprived of food and water. Zbl. Vet. Med. A, 22, 605-610. 8. Edmonson, A. J., Lean, I. J., Weaver, L. D., Farver, T., Webster, G. 1989: A body condition scoring chart for Holstein dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci., 72, 68-78. 9. Enwonwu, C. O., Stambaugh, R., Sreebny, L., 1971: Synthesis and degradation of liver ribosomal RNA in fed and fasted rats. J. Nutr., 101, 337-346. 10. Fon Tacer, K., Rozman, D., 2011: Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: focus on lipoprotein and lipid

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Effect of Parity on Claw Horn Lesions in Holstein Dairy Cows: Clinical and Radiological Study

References Bicalho R.C., Oikonomou G. (2013). Control and prevention of lameness associated with claw lesions in dairy cows. Livest. Sci., 156: 96–105. Bicalho R.C., Cheong S.H., Cramer G., Guard C.L. (2007). Association between a visual and an automated locomotion score in lactating Holstein cows. J. Dairy Sci., 90: 3294–3300. Brzozowska A., Łukaszewicz M., Sender G., Kolasińska D., Oprządek J. (2014). Locomotor activity of dairy cows in relation to season and lactation. Appl. Anim. Behav. Sci., 156: 6–11. Chesterton R.N., Lawrence K

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Use of aVR and Jastrzębski algorithms in the classification of wide complex tachycardia in dogs – a preliminary study

algorithms as well as the VT score developed by Jastrzębski et al . ( 1 , 6 , 7 , 12 ). In veterinary medicine, no such algorithms are available, and the only parameter used for VT description is the duration of the QRS complexes. It is widely accepted that a duration of the QRS complex above 50 ms or 60 ms in large animals indicates a ventricular origin of the tachycardia ( 3 , 11 ). As previously mentioned, such an assumption may be erroneous due to preexisting or temporary interventricular conduction abnormalities, which could present with a similar ventricular

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