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Molecular docking study of L-Asparaginase I from Vibrio campbellii in the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)

L-ASP I enzyme from V. campbellii was generated using EasyModeller v.4.0 ( 22 ). The software generated several preliminary models which were taken into consideration based on Discrete Optimization of Protein Energy (DOPE). The model with the lowest DOPE score was selected for model refinement and validation. The predicted structure was visualized using PyMOL molecular graphics viewer v.2.2.0 ( The predicted model was assessed by PROCHECK, Structural analysis and verification server (SAVES) ( ) which

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A comparison of machine learning algorithms for the prediction of Hepatitis C NS3 protease cleavage sites


Hepatitis is a global disease that is on the rise and is currently the cause of more deaths than the human immunodeficiency virus each year. As a result, there is an increasing need for antivirals. Previously, effective antivirals have been found in the form of substrate-mimetic antiviral protease inhibitors. The application of machine learning has been used to predict cleavage patterns of viral proteases to provide information for future drug design. This study has successfully applied and compared several machine learning algorithms to hepatitis C viral NS3 serine protease cleavage data. Results have found that differences in sequence-extraction methods can outweigh differences in algorithm choice. Models produced from pseudo-coded datasets all performed with high accuracy and outperformed models created with orthogonal-coded datasets. However, no single pseudo-model performed significantly better than any other. Evaluation of performance measures also show that the correct choice of model scoring system is essential for unbiased model assessment.

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Retrospective study of 37 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs diagnosed with Chiari-like malformation and Syringomyelia

). According to the neurologic pain grade classification proposed in 2009 by Cerda-Gonzalez S. and others, of all 37 cases six dogs matched the pain score 2, twelve cases to pain score 3 and nineteen cases to pain score 4. The magnetic resonance imaging data revealed different grades of cerebellar herniation and cervical fluid-filled cavities within the spinal cord in all cases. The most common Chiari like malformation MRI findings encountered are overcrowding of the caudal fossa, rostral indentation of occipital bone into the caudal fossa, abnormal shaped cerebellum

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Gastroprotective effects of methanol extract of Eremomastax speciosa leaf harvested in Southern part of Nigeria in rat

, and the stomachs were removed, cut open along greater curvature and were washed under slow running tap water. Ulcer lesions were counted with the aid of magnifying lenses (×10 magnification), and scored on the basis of intensity as follow; 0 = no ulcer, 1 = superficial ulcer, 2 = deep ulcers, 3 = perforations. Thereafter, ulcer index and percentage inhibition were calculated as follows: Ulcer index (U I ) = (U N + U S + U P )× 1/10 Where, U N = average number of ulcer per animal, U S = average severity score, U P = percentage of animal with ulcer and U I

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Electrochemical impedimetric detection of stroke biomarker NT-proBNP using disposable screen-printed gold electrodes

. Epub 2013/08/31. Eng. 38. Chen X, Zhan X, Chen M, Lei H, Wang Y, Wei D, et al. The prognostic value of combined NT-pro-BNP levels and NIHSS scores in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Internal medicine (Tokyo, Japan). 2012;51(20):2887-92. PubMed PMID: 23064562. Epub 2012/10/16. Eng. 39. Montaner J, Garcia-Berrocoso T, Mendioroz M, Palacios M, Perea- Gainza M, Delgado P, et al. Brain natriuretic peptide is associated with worsening and mortality in acute stroke patients but adds no prognostic value to clinical predictors of outcome

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Quality assurance of genetic laboratories and the EBTNA practice certification, a simple standardization assurance system for a laboratory network

compatibility” ( 13 , 15 ). The EQA comparing test results with those obtained from different laboratories or recognized standards is a key element for measuring the reliability of test results ( 16 ). EQA programs allow a periodic and retrospective estimate of the total error. The laboratories participating in the program receive a report with information processed by the provider. EQA programs are not intended to improve the performance of a laboratory medicine service, but are an index to measure effectiveness ( 15 ). Grading report content is more important than scoring

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Real time human micro-organisms biotyping based on Water-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization

interferences from blood culture, and bacteria extracts are therefore treated with solvent such as 70% formic acid to extract some molecules out for MALDI‐TOF analysis ( 13 ). Lower confidence scores sometimes were observed due to occasional polymicrobial samples or lower bacteria number collected from the blood culture, yet MS based method is certainly faster than usual cultured‐based approach ( 13 ). Thus, MALDI-TOF MS biotyping systems have paved the way to a change of paradigm in bacteria typing. However, higher accuracy, confidence and convenience is still searched for

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Indoor air pollution and the contribution of biosensors

-4120(99)00019-7 Lee SC Chan LY Chiu MY Indoor and outdoor air quality investigation at 14 public places in Hong Kong Environment International 1999 25 4 443 450 8 Hong T, Kim J,Lee M, Integrated task performance score for the building occupants based on the CO2 concentration and indoor climate factors changes. Applied Energy, 2018; 228: p. 1707-1713. 10.1016/j.apenergy.2018.07.063 Hong T Kim J Lee M Integrated task performance score for the building occupants based on the CO2 concentration and indoor climate factors changes Applied Energy 2018

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3D polyelectrolyte scaffolds to mimic exocrine glands: a step towards a prostate-on-chip platform

hemisphere (Red 0 μm- blue 50 μm). B. Calibration curve to determine the volume of secretion. C. Elispot detection of secretions from WPE1-int cells w/o DHT (a); WPE1-int w/DHT (b); RPTEC cells (negative control) (c) and 3 ng pure PSA (positive control) (d). Fig. 5A shows PCA of the 3 different cell lines. Spectra are projected in a coordinate system defined by the PCs (95 % of the total variance). The best segregation between normal and cancerous cells is reached by representing data in a PC1-PC2 plane. The score plots reveal a trend of separation of MALDI

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Artificial intelligence used in genome analysis studies

machine learning and data mining, attempt to identify relationships within the data to identify future trends. Therefore, through the process of automatic learning, the task of the model is to analyse the variables, both individually and together, and provide a predictive score by reducing the margin of error. Predictive Analysis (P.A.) is a science that is already widely used and has been continuously improved in terms of its features and predictions. Persons and companies who use personal and medical data cannot ignore the legal and ethical aspects related to the

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