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Livija Tušar, Irena Leonida Kropf and Avrelija Cencič


Salt is an important ingredient in the production of meat product. Any reduction of salt requires a special treatment. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of salt reduction on the growth of microorganisms in Kranjska sausages during their shell-life and to carry out a sensory assessment. The 18 lots of sausages were prepared under salt-reduced (1.6%) and control (2.3%) salt concentrations, directly on the production line. A total of 85 sausages were analysed and the data were used for the comparisons of groups (ANOVA) and to detect the significant variables (polynomial models) influenced on the total number of microorganisms (TNMs). The significant differences were determined between the lots (representing the microbiological status of the stuffing), between the salt-reduced samples and control samples, and between the different humidity levels. The correlations and significant relationships were determined between the TNMs and the lots, the salt concentrations, and the relative humidity. The polynomial models were to general to be used for the prediction. For sensory analysis implemented on 40th day 18 sausages were assessed. The reduction of salt resulted in lower scores in the sensory evaluation. The less-salted sausages contained more microorganisms.

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Uroš Škrubej, Črtomir Rozman and Denis Stajnko

. Germinator: a software package for highthroughput scoring and curve ­tting of Arabidopsis seed germination. Plant J. 2010; 62(1):148-159. 8. Mayo M. Watson AT. Automatic species identi­cation of live moths. Knowledge-Based Systems, 2007;20:195-202. 9. McDonald MB. Seed quality assessment. Seed Sci. Res. 1998;8:265-275. 10. Rasband WS. Image. US National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, 2008. 11. <> Accessed August, 2012. 12. Uchigasaki M

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Marko R. Cincović, Jože Starič, Branislava Belić, Jožica Ježek and Ivana Lakić

. Zbornik 26. Savetovanja veterinara Srbije, 2015a BELIĆ B., CINCOVIĆ M.R., DOŠENOVIĆ M., STOJANOVIĆ D., KOVAČEVIĆ Z.: The effects of different anticoagulants on biochemical parameters in blood of dairy cows. Veterinarski glasnik, 69 (1-2): 13-20, 2015. BELIĆ B., CINCOVIĆ M.R., STEVANČEVIĆ M., TOHOLJ B., POPOVIĆ-VRANJEŠ A., PEJANOVIĆ R., DAVIDOV I., POTKONJAK A., STANČIĆ I.: Influence of metabolic profile in early lactation and welfare score of farm to milk production and service period in dairy cow. Contemporary agroculture, 64(1-2):65-71,2015. BRAUN JP