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Python Programming Language as a Tool for Creating Three-Dimensional Figures of Glider Aerobatics , access 02.08.2016. [6] A short guide to how the FairPlay System (FPS) works , , access 20.07.2016. [7] , access 20.07.2016. [8] , access 20.06.2017. [9] Krupa, W., Linka, A., Wróblewska, A., An intelligent system of supervision and safety of flight operations, conference materials, Nauka dla Obronności Kraju, Poznań 2015. [10] , access 20.06.2018. [11] Beeler, S. C., Moerder, D

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Technical Condition Assessment of the System of Gas Distribution Pipelines


The objective of technical condition assessment of the system of gas distribution pipelines is to obtain reliable information concerning the technical condition of the particular sites of the distribution system for successful planning of their maintenance and repair works, as well as for taking decisions on the extension of the operation time, reconstruction or elimination. The developed methodology provides for the development of the indices describing the sites of the system of gas distribution pipelines - the base factor (Fij), the share of the score set for each factor (Вij) in the group of the factor shares (βi), the shares of the group (ai), based upon which, by means of applying the linear algorithm, the group calculation score (Bi) and the integral score (F) are set and according to these scores the technical condition of the particular site is assessed and the conditions for its further operation are defined.

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Planning and Building 100% Renewable Energy Infrastructure with the Technologies of the Future

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Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Failure Modes and Effect Analysis of the System Failure Risk Estimation

-155, 2016. [10] Papageorgiou, E. I., Iakovidis, D. K., Intuitionistic fuzzy cognitive maps , IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Syst., Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 342-354, 2013. [11] Sun, M., Liu, J., New entropy and similarity measures for interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets , Journal of Information and Computational Science, Vol. 9 (18), pp. 5799-5806, 2012. [12] Thillaigovindan, N., Shanthi, S. A., Naidu, J. V., A better score function for multiple criteria decision making in fuzzy environment with criteria choice under risk , Expert Systems with Applications, Vol

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