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Synthesis and electrical characterization of Ca2Nd4Ti6O20 ceramics

Technologies) from room temperature to 800 °C. 3. Results and discussion X-ray diffraction pattern of a CNT sample sintered at 1625 °C is shown in Fig. 1 . The Bragg’s reflections of the XRD peaks were matched PDF# 070-0200 for orthorhombic CNT. No evidence of secondary phase formation was observed within the detection limit of the in-house XRD facility. The refined lattice parameters, using X’Pert High Score Plus software were measured to be a = 7.664 Å, b = 36.967 Å, c = 5.432 Å and V = 1538.9 Å 3 . Fig. 1 X-ray diffraction pattern of CNT sintered at 1625

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