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Wojciech Gliń


Innovative activity of enterprises in Poland is mostly generated by European funds that concern boosting European regions based on its significant resources and new technologies. Polish enterprises development within innovations is based mainly on accumulating new products and new technologies that improve organization and increase sale of products and services. Papers presents research findings that concern problems resulting from the innovations implementing in Polish enterprises comparing with European results. There is presented European Innovation Index providing a comparative assessment of the innovation performance at the country level of the EU Member States and the Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS) that presents results of innovative activity in Polish and European enterprises including regional data from the Community Innovation Survey (CIS).

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Raz Muhammad, Muhammad Uzair, M. Javid Iqbal, M. Jawad Khan, Yaseen Iqbal and Carlos R. Rambo

Technologies) from room temperature to 800 °C. 3. Results and discussion X-ray diffraction pattern of a CNT sample sintered at 1625 °C is shown in Fig. 1 . The Bragg’s reflections of the XRD peaks were matched PDF# 070-0200 for orthorhombic CNT. No evidence of secondary phase formation was observed within the detection limit of the in-house XRD facility. The refined lattice parameters, using X’Pert High Score Plus software were measured to be a = 7.664 Å, b = 36.967 Å, c = 5.432 Å and V = 1538.9 Å 3 . Fig. 1 X-ray diffraction pattern of CNT sintered at 1625

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Kibrom M. Alula, James H. Resau and Osman V. Patel

scoring of immunohistochemistry. Journal of Clinical Pathology 65, 496-502. 10.1136/jclinpath-2012-200734 Fiore C Bailey D Conlon N Wu X Martin N Fiorentino M Finn S Fall K Andersson SO Andren O Loda M Flavin R 2012 Utility of multispectral imaging in automated quantitative scoring of immunohistochemistry Journal of Clinical Pathology 65 496 502 Goilav B (2011) Apoptosis in polycystic kidney disease. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1812, 1272-1280. 10.1016/j.bbadis.2011.01.006 Goilav B 2011 Apoptosis