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Ludmila Zavadilová, Miloslava Štípková, Alena Svitáková, Zuzana Krupová and Eva Kašná

References Alam M., Cho C.I., Choi T.J., Park B., Choi J.G., Choy Y.H., Lee S.S., Cho K.H. (2015). Estimation of genetic parameters for somatic cell scores of Holsteins using multi-trait lactation models in Korea. Asian Australas. J. Anim. Sci., 28: 303–310. Ali A.K.A., Shook G.E. (1980). An optimum transformation for somatic cell concentration in milk. J. Dairy Sci., 63: 487–490. Buch L.H., Sorensen M.K., Lassen J., Berg P., Jakobsen J.H., Johansson K., Sorensen A.C. (2011). Udder health and female fertility traits are favourably correlated and

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Barbara Stefańska, Włodzimierz Nowak, Ewa Pruszyńska-Oszmałek, Robert Mikuła, Daniel Stanisławski, Małgorzata Kasprowicz-Potocka, Andrzej Frankiewicz and Paweł Maćkowiak

References Akbar H., Grala T.M., Vailati Riboni M., Cardoso F.C., Verkerk G., Mc Gowa n J., Macdonald K., Webster J., Schutz K., Meier S., Matthews L., Roche J.R., Loor J.J. (2015). Body condition score at calving affects systemic and hepatic transcriptome indicators of inflammation and nutrient metabolism in grazing dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci., 98: 1019-1032. Busato A., Faissle D., Kupfer U., Blum J.W. (2002). Body condition scores in dairy cows: associations with metabolic and endocrine changes in healthy dairy cows. J. Vet

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Enrico Fiore, Laura Perillo, Giorgio Marchesini, Giuseppe Piccione, Elisabetta Giudice, Alessandro Zumbo, Leonardo Armato, Giorgia Fabbri and Matteo Gianesella

References Bicalho R.C., Oikonomou G. (2013). Control and prevention of lameness associated with claw lesions in dairy cows. Livest. Sci., 156: 96–105. Bicalho R.C., Cheong S.H., Cramer G., Guard C.L. (2007). Association between a visual and an automated locomotion score in lactating Holstein cows. J. Dairy Sci., 90: 3294–3300. Brzozowska A., Łukaszewicz M., Sender G., Kolasińska D., Oprządek J. (2014). Locomotor activity of dairy cows in relation to season and lactation. Appl. Anim. Behav. Sci., 156: 6–11. Chesterton R.N., Lawrence K

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Przemyslaw Busse and Wlodzimierz Meissner

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A. Bortolami, E. Fiore, M. Gianesella, M. Corrò, S. Catania and M. Morgante

-emerging mastitis pathogens. Vet Microbiol 134: 3-8. Radostits OM, Gay CC, Hinchcliff KW, Constable PD ( 200 7) Veterinary Medicine: A textbook of the diseases of cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and goats. 10th ed., Saunders Company, London. Reents R, Jamrozik J, Schaeffer LR, Dekkers JCM ( 1995 ) Estimation of genetic parameters for test day records of somatic cell score. J Dairy Sci 78: 2847-2857. Regulation EC ( 2004 ) No 853/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 29, 2004 laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin. Offic J

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Mateusz Rawski and Damian Józefiak

References Carroll C.L., Huntington P.J. (1988). Body condition scoring and weight estimation of horses. Equine Vet. J., 20: 41–45. Courcier E.A., Mellor D.J., Pendlebury E., Evans C., Yam P.S. (2012). Preliminary investigation to establish prevalence and risk factors for being overweight in pet rabbits in Great Britain. Vet. Rec., 171: 197–197. Edmonson A.J., Lean I.J., Weaver L.D., Farver T., Webster G. (1989). A body condition scoring chart for Holstein dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci., 72: 68–78. Fritz U., Branch W.R., Hofmeyr M.D., Maran J., Prokop H

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Pavel Zehtindjiev

. 2000. Bird station manual . SEEN, University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk. Chernetsov N. 1999. Timing of spring migration, body condition, and fat score in local and passage populations of the Reed Warbler Acrocephalus scirpaceus on the Courish Spit . Avian Ecol. Behav. 2: 75-88. Dolnik V.R. 1975. [ Migratory disposition in birds .] Nauka, Moscow. (In Russian). Franson T., Jakobsson S. 1998. Fat storage in male Willow Warblers in spring: Do residence arrive lean or fat ? Auk 115: 759

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A. Rychlik, R. Nieradka, M. Kander, M. Nowicki, M. Wdowiak and A. Kołodziejska-Sawerska

inflammatory bowel disease. J Clin Pathol 50: 93-105. Jergens AE ( 1999 ) Inflammatory bowel disease. Current perspectives. Vet Clin North Am Small Anim Pract 29: 501-521. Jergens AE ( 2004 ) Clinical assessment of disease activity for canine inflammatory bowel disease. J Am Anim Hosp Assoc 40: 437-445. Jergens AE, Schreiner CA, Frank DE, Niyo Y, Ahrens FE, Eckersall PD, Benson TJ, Evans R ( 2003 ) A scoring index for disease activity in canine inflammatory bowel disease. J Vet Intern Med 17

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Vestnik Zoologii

The Journal of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Schmalhauzen Institute of Zoology

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Kiraz Erciyas, Arzu Gürsoy, A. Özsemir and Y. Barış

Body mass and fat score changes in recaptured birds during the autumn migration at the Cernek ringing station in Turkey

The fat level and the body mass of recaptured birds ringed at the Cernek Ringing Station are presented in this study. Data from autumns of 2003-2005 were analysed. Species of different migratory and feeding habits are compared. A total of 351 recaptures of the Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla), Garden Warbler (S. borin), Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus scirpaceus), Marsh Warbler (A. palustris) and Cetti's Warbler (Cettia cetti) were mist-netted and handled according to the South-East European Bird Migration Network (SEEN) standards.

The mean weight changes of the Reed Warbler and Marsh Warbler and those of the Blackcap and Garden Warbler were similar within each genus but higher in Sylvia spp. as compared to Acrocephalus spp. The recapture rate was the highest in the Cetti's Warbler but the mean weight increase was the lowest as this is essentially a sedentary species. The stopover duration differed among the species. The mean stopover length was similar within Acrocephalus spp. (8.5 days in the Reed Warbler, 6.4 days in the Marsh Warbler) and Sylvia spp. (5.6 days in the Blackcap, 5.4 days in the Garden Warbler) and different in the Cetti's Warbler (16.6 days).

Results indicate that migratory birds use Cernek location as refuelling station during the autumn migration and their fat level and body mass increase, but differ according to feeding and migrating habits.