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Intrachromosomal regulation decay in breast cancer

regimes among chromosomes in breast cancer transcriptomes. Fig. 2 Model validation. A heatmap depicting Z-scored relative likelihood – as measured by adjusted coefficient of determination R2 – for the four models. Rows correspond to chromosomes, while columns correspond to the four models for nonscaled distance. Green tones correspond to low-to-negative scores, while the dark and red colours represent positive-to-high scores. 3.1 Decay of gene–gene correlations The model discrimination analysis we performed indicates that the best goodness of fit (by

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Affine Transformation Based Ontology Sparse Vector Learning Algorithm

al. [ 8 ], Agapito et al. [ 9 ], Umadevi et al. [ 10 ] and Cohen [ 11 ]). The model of ontology can be regarded as a graph G = ( V , E ), in which each vertex v expresses a concept and each edge e = v i v j represents a directly contact between two concepts v i and v j . The aim of ontology similarity calculating is to learn a similarity function Sim : V × V → ℝ + ∪ {0} which maps each pair of vertices to a score real number. Moreover, the purpose of ontology mapping is to bridge the link between two or more different ontologies based on the

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Benefits of a dance group intervention on institutionalized elder people: a Bayesian network approach

Assessment tool [ 23 ]. Scoring is done on a 3-point scale ranging from 0 to 2, where 0 represents the most impairment and 2 the best performance. The maximum overall score is 28 as a result of combining the Gait Scale (12 points max.) and the Balance Scale (16 points max.). The Cronbach’s α obtained for the reliability of the overall scale was .95, showing excellent internal consistency. 2.4 Design and procedure We developed a randomized controlled trial with two times of assessment and data gathering. The present investigation was favorably informed by

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Operations of Nanostructures via SDD, ABC 4 and GA 5 indices

activities of these structures such as the boiling point, the heat of formation, the fracture toughness, the strength, the conductivity, and the hardness. From this point of view, a topological index can be regarded as a score function that maps each molecular structure to a real number and is used as a descriptor of the molecule under testing. These results can also play a vital part in the study of the nanostructures in electronics and industry which can be used in the preparation of armor due to their strength. Communicated by Wei Gao References [1

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Redefined Zagreb indices of Some Nano Structures

properties. Such indices can be regarded as score functions which map each molecular graph to a non-negative real number. There were many famous degree-based or distance-based indices such as Wiener index, PI index, Zagreb index, atom-bond connectivity index, Szeged index and eccentric connectivity index et al. Because of its wide engineering applications, many works contributed to determining the indices of special molecular graphs (See Yan et al., [ 24 ], Gao and Shi [ 7 ], Gao and Wang [ 8 ], [ 9 ] and [ 10 ] and Jamil et al. [ 13 ] for more details). In our article

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Ontology optimization tactics via distance calculating

mapping serves as a bridge connecting different ontologies. Only through mapping, we gain a potential association between the objects or elements from different ontologies. The semi-positive score function Sim : V × V → ℝ + ∪ {0} maps each pair of vertices to a non-negative real number. Several effective methods exist for getting efficient ontology similarity measure or ontology mapping algorithm in terms of ontology function. The ontology similarity calculation in terms of ranking learning technology was considered by Wang et al., [ 12 ]. The fast ontology

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Pharmacological Characteristics Analysis of Two Molecular Structures

and each chemical bound is represented as an edge), then a topological index can be regarded as a score function f : G → ℝ + which maps each molecular graph to a read positive number. In the past four decades, many indices are introduced by scholars from the engineering application prospects, such as Zagreb index, Wiener index, sum connectivity index, Gutman index and harmonic index which reflect several structural characteristics of molecules and drugs. There were many contributions to report these degree-based and distance-based indices of special molecular

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