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André Ourednik, Guido Koller, Peter Fleer and Stefan Nellen

( Figure 7 ). A full analysis could be dedicated to this topic, since even the slightest variations in polite wordings may carry otherwise unexpressed sentiments of joy or anger. At the present stage, however, we have combined such expressions into compound n-grams without emotional value. Figure 7 Evolution of final salutations. Sentiment scores and their global distribution In textual statistics, simply measuring the proportion of lemmas associated with a specific sentiment is not enough. The FEEL lexicon associates more of its terms with positive

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Valentin Seidler

development. Countries with higher scores of ›government effectiveness‹ rank higher in the Human Development Index. The causality may run both ways. Richer countries can afford a better trained civil service. With this caveat in mind, governance indicators can serve as a rough gauge for the quality of a country’s institutions and its development potential. Indeed the variation of institutions across former British colonies and – more generally – across the world, is remarkable. Figure 2 on the previous page shows the measures for ›government effectiveness‹ in 1996 (the