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Emmanuel Helm and Ferdinand Paster


Business Intelligence approaches such as process mining can be applied to the healthcare domain in order to gain insight into the complex processes taking place. Disclosing asis processes helps identify room for improvement and answers questions from medical professionals. Existing approaches are based on proprietary log data as input for mining algorithms. Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) defines in its Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA) profile how real-world events must be recorded. Since IHE is used by many healthcare providers throughout the world, an extensive amount of log data is produced. In our research we investigate if audit trails, generated from an IHE test system, carry enough content to successfully apply process mining techniques. Furthermore we assess the quality of the recorded events in accordance with the maturity level scoring system. A simplified simulation of the organizational workflow in a radiological practice is presented. Based on this simulation a process miing task is conducted.

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Marcin Woźniak and Dawid Połap

clinical cutoff scores,” Journal of Voice, vol. 30, no. 2, pp. 130-144, 2016. [6] M. Pal and G. Saha, “On robustness of speech based biometric systems against voice conversion attack,” Applied Soft Computing, vol. 30, pp. 214-228, 2015. [7] M. Usha, Y. Geetha, and Y. Darshan, “Objective identification of prepubertal female singers and non-singers by singing power ratio using matlab,” Journal of Voice, 2016. [8] E. Krasnova, E. Bulgakova, and V. Shchemelinin, “Performance evaluation of acoustic-spectrographic voice

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Karim El khadiri and Hassan Qjidaa

R eferences [1] D. Self, “Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook”, Newnes, Oxford, UK, 4 the dition,2006. [2] S. Saponara, “Current-feedback architecture for high-slew rate and low-THD high-end audio amplifier,” Electronics Letters, vol.44, no.25, pp. 1433–1434, 2008 [3] Score, Michael, and Donald Dapkus. “Audio Power Amplifier Solutions for New Wireless Phones,” Wireless Symposium, February 2000. [4] Van der Zee, Ronan A. R., and Ed van Tuijl, “A Power-Efficient Audio Amplifier Combining Switching and Linear Techniques,” IEEE Journal of

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Andrzej Pułka and Adam Milik

References GenBank. (2011) The official web of national center for biotechnology information. [Online]. Available: [PUBMED] E. Pettersson, J. Lundeberg, and A. Ahmadian, "Generations of sequencing technologies," Genomics , vol. 93, pp. 105-111, 2009. H. S. Xu, W. K. Ren, X. H. Liu, and X. Q. Li, "Improving sequence alignment using class-specific score matrices," in Proceedings of ICBBE 2008, The 2nd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering , 2008, pp

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Stefano Cicciarella, Christian Napoli and Emiliano Tramontana

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