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Changyong Liang, Shuping Zhao and Junling Zhang


The aim of this work is to present some aggregation operators with triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers and study their desirable properties. Firstly, the score function and the accuracy function of triangular intuitionistic fuzzy number are given, the method for ranking triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers are developed. Then, some geometric aggregation operators for aggregating triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers are developed, such as triangular intuitionistic fuzzy weighted geometric (TIFWG) operator, the triangular intuitionistic fuzzy ordered weighted geometric (TIFOWG) operator and the triangular intuitionistic fuzzy hybrid geometric (TIFHG) operator. Moreover, an application of the new approach to multi-criteria decision making method was proposed based on the geometric average operator of TIFNs, and the new ranking method for TIFNs is used to rank the alternatives. Finally, an example analysis is given to verify and demonstrate the practicality and effectiveness of the proposed method.

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Xiaohui Hou, Lei Huang and Xuefei Li

References [1] Cao Z., Chai C., Application of fuzzy multilevel comprehensive evaluation method in assessment of scientific research subjects, Aeronautical Computer Technique, 37, 1, 2007, 51-53. (In Chinese) [2] Carlsson C., Fullér R., Majlender P., A fuzzy approach to R&D project selection, EUSFLAT Conference, 2005: 536-540. [3] Henriksen A.D., Traynor A. J., A practical R&D project-selection scoring tool, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 46, 2, 1999: 158-170. [4] Liberatore M. J

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Lech Madeyski and Marek Majchrzak

review and a comparative experiment of second order mutation,” IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol. 40, pp. 23-42, January 2014. [29] L. Madeyski, Test-Driven Development: An Empirical Evaluation of Agile Practice. (Heidelberg, London, New York): Springer, 2010. [30] L. Madeyski, “The impact of test-first programming on branch coverage and mutation score indicator of unit tests: An experiment,” Information and Software Technology, vol. 52, no. 2

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Tatyana Arshinova

Construction of Equity Portfolio on the Basis of Data Envelopment Analysis Approach

The research focus of the scientific paper is on the problem of equity portfolio construction. The author recommends applying frontier analysis technique such as Data Envelopment Analysis to the performance measurement of emitters. Using modern computer technologies, the author has calculated efficiency score of twenty Baltic companies which are quoted at NASDAQ OMX Riga and NASDAQ OMX Tallinn stock exchanges on the basis of DEA CCR approach and elaborated proposals for effective asset allocation.

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Maija Strautmane

. Strautmane, “Concept Map-Based Knowledge Assessment Tasks and Their Scoring Criteria: an Overview,” in Concept Maps: Theory, Methodology, Technology: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Concept Mapping, Malta, Valletta, 2012, pp. 80-89. [6] B. A. Schwendimann, “Making sense of Knowledge Integration Maps,” in Digital knowledge maps in education: Technology enhanced support for teachers and learners D. Ifenthaler and R. Hanewald, Eds. Springer, 2014, pp. 17-40. [7] A. Anohina

Open access

Romans Lukashenko and Alla Anohina

Telecommunications 2007. - Chesapeake, VA: AACE, 2007. - P.2143-2148. Burstein J., Leacock C., Swartz R. Automated evaluation of essays and short answers // Proceedings of the 5 th International Computer Assisted Assessment Conference. - Loughborough, 2001. - P.41-53p. Leacock C., Chodorow M. C-rater: scoring of short-answer questions // Computers and the Humanities. - 37 (4), 2003, P.389-405. Sukkarieh J. Z., Pulman S. G., Raikes N. Auto-marking: using computational linguistics to score short, free

Open access

Alla Anohina-Naumeca, Romans Lukasenko and Dmitrijs Skripkins

information and communication technologies , vol.2, pp.666-674, 2009. R. Lukasenko, A. Anohina-Naumeca, M Vilkelis, and J. Grundspenkis, "Feedback in the concept map based intelligent knowledge assessment system," in Fiftieth International Conference at Riga Technical University , 2009, pp.17-26. A. Anohina-Naumeca, M. Strautmane, and J. Grundspenkis, "Development of the scoring mechanism for the concept map based intelligent knowledge assessment system," in Tenth International Conference on Computer Systems and