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Graphical Tools of Discrete Longitudinal Data Presentation in R

. Dardzinska, Advances in Data Management, Studies in Computational Intelligence , 223 Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 155-175, DOI:10.1007/978-3-642-02190-9\_8. Scherer S., 2001, Early career patterns: a comparison of Great Britain and West Germany , European Sociological Review, 17(2), pp. 119-144. Singer J.D., Willett J.B., 2003, Applied longitudinal data analysis: Modeling change and event occurrence, Oxford, UK, Oxford University Press. Social Diagnosis, 2015, Objective and Subjective Quality of Life in Poland , Czapinski J., Panek T. (eds

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Smart Cities: Transport Challenges of the Macedonian Capital City

core components and proposing an integrative and comprehensive conceptualization. Information Polity , 20(1), 61-87. [12] GSMA Smart City (2013). Guide to Smart City: The Opportunity for Mobile Operators . London. UK. February 2013. Version 1.0 . [13] Hall, R. E. (2000). The vision of a smart city . In Proceedings of the 2nd International Life Extension Technology Workshop, Paris, France, September 28, Available from http

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Other economico-social factors of the saving process

] Fisher, S., & Sahay, R. (2000). The transition Economies after Ten Years, Working Paper No. WP/00/30 , IMF. [7] Carroll C. Fuhrer J., & Wilcox D. (1994). Does consumer sentiment forecast household spending? If so, why?, American Economic Review , 84, pp. 1397-1408. [8] Doms M., & Morin N. (2004). Consumer sentiment, the economy, and the news media. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Working Paper 2004-09. [9] National Commission for Statistics (1996-2015). Issues on quality of life. [10] National Institute of Statistics (2004

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Linking job expectation, career perception, intention to stay: Evidence from generation Y

experiences, job involvement, and quality of work life among information systems personnel, MIS Quarterly , Vol. 18 No. 2, pp. 175-201. [11] Hurst J. L., & Good, L. K. (2009). Generation Y and career choice The impact of retail career perceptions, expectations and entitlement perceptions. Career Development International Vol. 14 No. 6, pp. 570-593. [12] Keenan, A., & Newton, T. (1984). Frustrations in organizations: relationships to role stress, climate and psychological strain, Journal of Occupational Psychology , Vol. 57, pp. 57-66. [13] Kumar M

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Employee Satisfaction with Training Opportunities and its Relation to Internal Marketing

:// . [Accessed 20 February 17]. [5] Dobre, O. I. (2013). Employee motivation and organizational performance. Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research , 5(1), pp. 53. [6] Kociánová, R. (2010). Personální činnosti a metody personální práce . Grada Publishing. [7] Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G. (2011). Principles of Marketing . Prentice Hall. [8] Hlásna, S., Horváth, M., & Köksal, O. (2013). “Selected legislative components of legal guarantees applied to appropriate quality of life in

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Ethical behavior within the public cadaster in Macedonia: Is there a “light” at the end of the “Tunnel”?

:// , date: 08.07.2016. [6] Code of Administrative Servants, Official Gazette of the R.M., No. 183 from 12.12.2014. [7] Code of Ethics for Public Servants, Official Gazette of the R.M., No. 133 from 30.09.2011. [8] Code of Ethics for State Servants, Official Gazette of the R.M., No. 129, from 23.09.2011. [9] Committee on Standards in Public Life (2014), Ethical standards for providers of public services , Committee on Standards in Public Life, London, pp. 1-37. [10] Denar-daily news,

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Exploring leadership coaching as a tool to improve the people management skills of information technology and cybersecurity project managers

). Dramatically increase project success with radical QA: A guide to managing expectations and results. Journal of Quality Assurance Institute, 19(3), 29-36. [7] Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. (2010). Learning and Development 2010. Survey report. London. CIPD. Retrieved from: [8] Cunningham, Liz, McNally, Kimberly. (2003). Improving Organizational and Individual Performance through Coaching. A case Study by Mosby, Inc. 1067-991x/2003/doi:10.1067/nrsi.2003

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Prospects and Challenges of Workplace Diversity in Modern Day Organizations: A Critical Review

amid globalization. [25] Mahmood, N.A., J. Uli, and S.M. Shah. (2017). Gender and Job Category as Moderator Effects on Relationship between Human Capital and Quality of Life (QOL). [26] Speroni, K.G., T. Fitch, E. Dawson, L. Dugan, and M. Atherton. (2016). Managing diversity and equality in the workplace. Nurse Education in Practice, 3(1): 1–14. [27] Birkman, I. How Generational Differences Impact Organizations & Teams . eBook Series 2016 6th June, 2018]; Available from: . [28] Nyakuma, D.D., A.J.K. Shittu, H. Ojobo

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Analysis of Innovations in the European Union Via Ensemble Symbolic Density Clustering

2013, establishing Horizon 2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) and repealing Decision No 1982/2006/EC, h2020/legal_basis/fp/h2020-eu-establact_en.pdf. Rendón E., Abundez I., Arizmendi A., Quiroz E., 2011, Internal versus external cluster quality indexes, International Journal of Computers and Communications, issue 1, vol. 5, 27-34. Rynardowska-Kurzbauer J., 2015, Innowacyjność wybranych krajów Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej, Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki

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