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Econometric Modelling of Influence of Level of the Social and Economic Infrastructure On Quality of Life of the Population

References Aivazian S.A. (2012). Analysis of the Quality of Life and Living Standards. Moscow: Science. Aivazian S.A., Borodkin F.M. (2006). Social Indicators. Moscow: Unity-Dana. Bakumenko L.P. (2011). Statistical Aspects of the Research of the Population Life Quality. Yoshkar-Ola: MarSTU. Feng XiaoTian, Yi SongGuo. (2000). The Quality of Family Life in Urban Areas: The Indicators and the Structure. Sociological Studies. (4), 107-118. Ilchenko A. (2014). Integrated Estimation of

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Smart Cities and the Challenges of Cross Domain Risk Management: Considering Interdependencies Between ICT-Security and Natural Hazards Disruptions

References Alexander, C. (1977). A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction. Oxford: University Press. Andress, J. (2014). The Basics of Information Security: Understanding the Fundamentals of InfoSec in Theory and Practice. Amsterdam: Syngress. Batty, M., Axhausen, K. W., Giannotti, F., Pozdnoukhov, A.,Bazzani, A., Wachowicz, M., et al. (2012). Smart cities of the future. European Physical Journal Special Topics, 214 (1), 481–518 Birkmann, J. J., & von Teichman, K. (2010). Integrating disaster risk reduction and climate change

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Pedagogy of Financial Education among College Students

Schemes in the EU27. Hamburg, Germany. Hogarth, J.M. (2006). Financial Education and Economic Development. [Accessed 25.08.2015]. Available from Internet: Ishikawa, K. (1985). What is Total Quality Control? The Japanese Way. London, England: Prentice Hall. Johnson, E., & Sherraden, M.S. (2007). From Financial Literacy to Financial Capability Among Youth. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, (34(3)), 119-145. Kivial, B., & Morduch, J. (2012). From Financial

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Consumer Involvement in the Purchasing Process: Consciousness of the Choice

Conventional? Asymmetric Effects of Information and Taste on Label Preferences in an Experimental Auction. Food Quality and Preference, 31(1), 94-105. [Accessed 20.03.2019]. Available from Internet: Darnall, N., Ji, H., & Potoski, M. (2017). Institutional design of ecolabels: sponsorship signals rule strength. Regulations and Governance , (11), 438-450. [Accessed 20.03.2019]. Available from Internet: . Feldmann, C., & Hamm, U. (2015). Consumers' perceptions and preferences for

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