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Quality of Life of People with Disabilities from Sport Participation Point of View

adults with myelomeningocele and its role in total physical activity behaviour and fitness. In: Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. 40(9), pp. 702-708. 4. DIJKERS, M., 1997. Quality of life after spinal cord injury: A meta analysis of the effects of disablement components. In: Spinal Cord. 35(12), pp. 829-840. 5. DOBAY, B. & E. BENDÍKOVÁ, 2014. Športové a rekreačné aktivity v životnom štýle dospelých. [Sports and recreational activities in the lifestyle of adults]. In: BENCE, M. & P. PIVOVARNIČEK, Slovak journal of sport science

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Catharsis – Philosophical and Spiritual Aspects of Long-Distance Running


The purpose of the study was to identify and analyze the occurrence of cathartic states in a sample of long-distance runners. Data collected via questionnaires were used to evaluate quantitative variables complemented by heuristics while aiming at qualitatively categorize the areas of cathartic states in the context of philosophical and spiritual aspects of long-distance running. The study findings objectify philosophical and spiritual aspects affecting personalities of long-distance runners. The study findings have shown that catharsis represents a relevant philosophical and spiritual aspect affecting long-distance running. We assume that authentic experience of catharsis and its effects motivates runners to perform regular physical activity. The analysis of philosophical and spiritual aspects of long-distance running has revealed a multi-spectral holistic relevance based on the transfer affecting a specific way of life, spectrum of values, ethical personality traits, and also the quality of long-distance runners’ lives.

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Self-Esteem in People with Physical Disabilities: Differences between Active and Inactive Individuals

-non-communicable-diseases-in-black-african-population-the-b-healthy-study-acontrolled-trial/ 21. NEMČEK, D., 2013. Life satisfaction of people with disabilities. In Theory and practice in adapted physical activity (pp. 46). Olsztyń, Poland: Olsztyńska szkola wyźsza Im. Józefa Rusieckiego. 22. NEMČEK, D., 2016(a). Cognitive element of subjective well-being of the Slovak population. In: Physical Activity, Health and Prevention: International Scientific Conference. Žilina : IPV Institute of Education, pp. 62-67. 23. NEMČEK, D., 2016(b). Quality of life of people with disabilities: differences in satisfaction with indicators and

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Effect of 3-Months Home-Based Exercise Program on Changes of Cognitive Functioning in Older Adults Living in Old People’s Home

-129. 20. NEMČEK, D., 2011. Exercise as a part of seniors’ life style. In: Healthy active life style and physical education. END, Topoľčianky, pp. 49-57. ISBN 978-80-89324-07-1. 21. NEMČEK, D. & J. LABUDOVÁ, 2011. Importance of quality of life factors related to health and exercise in seniors. In: Exercise and quality of life. University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, pp. 87-92. ISBN 978-86-80231-71-6. 22. NEMČEK, D., J. LABUDOVÁ & S. KRAČEK, 2012. Life satisfaction of sedentary and physically active population. In: Acta Facultatis Educationis

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Health of Adults Through Prism of Physical Activity

-95. 18. NAGY, Z. & A. MÜLLER, 2016a. The role of the pulse measurement in the students’ differentiated education applied in PE. In: Physical Activity, Health and Prevention : International Scientific Conference. B. Bystrica : UMB, pp. 5-14. 19. NAGY, Z. & A. MÜLLER, 2016b. The quantification of derivation in the volleyball thematic unit. In: Trendek és eredmények a biológiai kutatás és oktatás terén . Komárno: Selye János Egyetem Tanárképző Kara, pp. 55-62. 20. NEMČEK, D., 2016. Quality of life of people with disabilities from sport participation point

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Exit School and its Outcomes on Health-Related Fitness

, A. YU. OSIPOV & L. K. SIDOROV, 2017. Age dynamic of physical condition changes in pre-school age girls, schoolgirls and students, living in conditions of Eastern Siberia. Physical Education of Students. 21 (6), 280-286. doi: 8. LERNER, R. M., M. H. BORNSTEIN & T. LEVENTHAL, 2015. Handbook of child psychology and developmental science. Hoboken, New Jersey: 9. MAHDI, T., A. MASOUD, A. AMIN, A. SADEGH & A. ALI, 2014. A relationship between physical activity and healthy quality of life in students

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Psychosocial Intervention In Prostate Cancer Patients

]. Database at: . 9. ROTH, A. J., M.I. WEINBERGER and CH.J. NELSON, 2008. Prostate Cancer: Quality of Life, Psychosocial Implications and Treatment Choices . Future Oncology. New York. Database at: . 10. ROTH, A. J., A.B. KORNBLITH, L. BATEL-COPEL, E. PEABODY, H.I. SCHER and J.C. HOLLAND, 1998. Rapid screening for psychologic distress in men with prostate carcinoma: a pilot study. Cancer.; 82(10):1904-8. 11. STECK, P., 2007. Diferenciální dotazník

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Communication Strategies Used by Physical Education Teachers and Coaches in Residential Schools for the Deaf in the U.S.

:// 22. NEMČEK, D., 2014. Spokojnosť so sociálnymi vzťahmi a prostredím ako súčasť kvality života ľudí so sluchovým postihnutím z pohľadu športovania vo voľnom čase. [Satisfaction with Social Relations and Environment as Parts of the Life Quality of People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing from the Point of View of Leisure Sports]. In: KRAJČOVIČOVÁ Z. et al. (Eds.), Pohyb a zdravie XI: Pohybová aktivita a zdravý životný štýl - Šport a športový tréning (pp.110-116). [Movement and Health XI: Physical Activity and Healthy Life Style - Sports and Sport

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The Swimming Ability of Children with Asthma

References 1. BENČURIKOVÁ, Ľ., 2006. Úroveň plaveckej spôsobilosti školskej populácie na Slovensku. 1. vyd. Bratislava: ICM Agency. ISBN 80-969268-8-8. 2. BERNTSEN, S. et al., 2009. Norwegian adolescents with asthma are physical active and fit. allergy;64:421-6. doi: 10.1111/j.1398-9995.2008.01845.x [PubMed] 3. COHEN, J., 1992. A Power Primer. Psychological Bull. 112(1). 4. FANELLI, A. et al., 2007. Exercise training on disease control and quality of life in asthmatic children. Med Sci Sports

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The Associations Between Socioeconomic Status and Lifestyle Factors in European Adolescents: A Population-based Study

: (accessed on 17 November 2016). 14. FERREIRA, C. A., C. A. MOLENA, R. G. MARQUES, A.T. ARASAKI, F. FOSSATI & M. CÍCERO, 2009. Prevalence of physical inactivity and associated factors among adolescents. Rev. Assoc. Med. Bras. 55 , 523-528. 15. GILLISON, F. B., M. STANDAGE & S. M. SKEVINGTON, 2006. Relationships among adolescents' weight perceptions, exercise goals, exercise motivation, quality of life

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