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Pay Satisfaction and Organizational Politics as Predictors of Quality of Work Life among Government Employees

REFERENCES Abubakar, E., Chauhan, S., and Kura, P. (2014). Relationship between perceived organisational politics, and quality of work life. Journal of Contemporary Research in Business , Vol. 4 No. 1, pp.156-170. Adebusuyi, A. S., Olasupo, M. O., and Idehen, E. E. (2013). Analysis of the perception of organisational politics by employees of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology , Vol. 10, No.1, pp.51-58 Adeyemo, D. A., Terry, D. L., and Lambert, N. J. (2015). Organizational Climate, Leadership

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The Kiwifruit Industry and Kiwifruit Production in Western Húnán

REFERENCES AQSIQ Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. “Extract from Guide to Doing Business in China: Entry-Exit Inspection a Quarantine System” 2006, via TDC Trade, , accessed November 2007 Bái, Pǔxiāng 白普湘, and Hǎizhāng Léi 海章雷. “Cóng Xīangxĭ míhóutáo chănyèhuà kāifā kàn lŏngtŏu qĭyè de zuòyònglì” 从湘西猕猴桃产业化开发看龙头企业的作用力 [Perspective on a leading enterprise’s actions in the development of the kiwifruit industry and production in Xiǎngxī]. Journal of Hunan Agricultural University

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Self-Employment Among North Korean Migrants

, Depression, and Quality of Life on in North Korean Refugees Living in South Korea.” Journal of Health Education Research and Development, 3 (142), doi: 10.4172/2380-5439.1000142. Park, Chan-ung. 2009. The Korean Model of Social Enterprises: A Comparison with European Experiences. Seoul: Yonsei University, Department of Sociology. Porter, Matthew and Nick Haslam. 2005. “Predisplacement and Postdisplacement Factors Associated with Mental Health of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons: A Meta-analysis [Review].” Journal of the American

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Impacts of International Migration on Socio-Economic Development in Bangladesh

, 46(4), 374-382. Paul, B. P., & Das, A. (2011). The Remittance-GDP Relationship in the Liberalized Regime of Bangladesh: Cointegration and Innovation Accounting. Theoretical & Applied Economics, 18(9). Pradhan, M. A., & Khan, G. U. (2015). Role of Remittance for improving quality of life: Evidence from Bangladesh. Turkish Economic Review, 2(3), 160. Sarker, M., & Islam, M. S. (2014). Husbands’ international labour migration and the change of wives’ position among the left-behind in rural Bangladesh. ISSN (Paper), 2224-5766. Siddique, A

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Ubuntu and Capabilities Approach: Basic Doctrines for Calibrating Humanitarian Action

References Buchanan-Smith, M. & Cosgrave, J. (2013). Evaluation of Humanitarian Action: Pilot Guide. The Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP), London: Overseas Development Institute. Burges, J.P. (2002). Ethics of Humanitarian Intervention: The Circle Closes. Security Dialogue, 33(3), 261-264. Clark, D.A. (2005). Sen’s capability approach and the many spaces of human well-being. The Journal of Development Studies, 41(8), 1339-1368. Darcy, J. (2004). Human Rights and Humanitarian

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Evaluating the Level of Burnout among Healthcare Professionals

. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 64: 435–442. Vlădescu, Cristian, Scîntee, Gabriela, Olsavszky, Victor, Alin, Sara, Molodovsky, Philipa. 2008. Romania: Health System Review. Health Systems in Transition 10(3): 1–172. Voicu, Bogdan. 2006. Work and Life Balance. In: I. Mărginean (ed.), First European Quality of Life Survey: Quality of Life in Bulgaria and Romania. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. 43–48. Witkin, Stanley, Harrison, W. David. 2001. Whose Evidence and for What Purpose? Social Work 46(4): 293

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Female Sport Participation In South African Rural Schools: Analysis Of Socio-Cultural Constraints

, R.C.H., Young, M.E.M., Bassett, S.H. & Hooft, T. (2013). Participation in sport and the perceptions of quality of life of high school learners in the Theewaterskloof Municipality, South Africa. African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance , 19(3), 612-622. Walter, C.M. & Du Randt, R. (2011). Socio-cultural barriers to physical activity among black IsiXhosa speaking professional women in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality. South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical education and Recreation , 33 (2), 143

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