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Family Life in Adolescence
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Impact Of Corrosion Effect On The Quality And Safety Of Refractory Materials

. Assessment of porosity as one of the indicators of the quality of engineering products . Safety – Quality - Reliability 2015, Košice, TU Košice, 31-37. Gregurez, D., Wenzl, C., Kreuzer, D., Spanring, A., Kirschen, M., Zeelie, D., Groenewald, J., 2016. Refractory Corrosion Mechanisms in a Novel High Carbon Ferromanganese Production Furnace . The journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 68(12), 3029-3039. DOI: 10.1007/s11837-016-2110-z Hankýř, V., Kutzendörfer, J., 2002. Ceramics technology . first ed. Vega, Hradec Králove, Czech Republic

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Sustainable Consumption and Segmentation of Potential Low Emission Vehicle Buyers

REFERENCES Anable, J., 2005. Complacent Car Addicts’ or ‘Aspiring Environmentalists’? Identifying Travel Behaviour Segments using Attitude Theory. Transport Policy, 12 (1): 65-78. Anderson, T. Jr, Cunningham, W.H., 1972. The socially conscious consumer . Journal of Marketing, 36 (7), 23-31. Berkowitz, L., Lutterman, K.G., 1968. The traditional socially responsible personality. Public Opinion Quarterly, 32, 169-85. Borthwick, S., Carreno, M., 2012. Persuading Scottish drivers to buy low emission cars? The potential role of green

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Operational Properties of the Cermet Electro-Spark Coatings after Laser Treatment – Technology and Application

., 2018. Enhanced production of the pharmaceutically important polyphenolic compounds in Vitex agnus castus L. shoot cultures by precursor feeding strategy . Eng. Life Sci., 18, 287-297. Sygut, P., Klimecka-Tatar, D., Borkowski, S., 2016. Theoretical analysis of the influence of longitudinal stress changes on band dimensions during continuous rolling process . Arch. Metall. Mater., 61, 183-188. Ulewicz, R., 2016. Quality Management System operation in the woodworking industry . Int. Conf. Path Forward for wood products: a global perspective. Proc. of Sci

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Food Safety in Quality Mark Aspect

. Giuseppe, E., Serrantoni, M., Greppi Gian, F., 2010. Science for Food Safety, Security and Quality: a Review - Part 1 , Quality Of Life 1(1), 26-40. Godfray, H.C.J., Beddington, J.R., Crute, I.R., Haddad L., Lawrence D., Muir J.F., Pretty J., Robinson S, Thomas SM, Toulmin C., 2010. Food security: the challenge of feeding 9 billion people . Science 327(5967), 812–818. Goryńska-Goldmann, E., Ratajczak, P. 2010. Świadomość żywieniowa a zachowania żywieniowe konsumentów .Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development, 4(18), 41-48. Gurgul, E., Brendzel

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Matrix Fmea Analysis as a Preventive Method for Quality Design of Hydraulic Components

methods . Tribologia, 49 (2), 33-38. Fabis-Domagala, J., Filo, G., Domagala, M., Momeni, H., 2018. Quality management tools used in the function failure design method . 33 rd International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development. Varazdin Development and Entrepreneurship Agency, Varazdin, Croatia, 552-560. Filo, G., Fabis-Domagala, J., Domagala, M., Lisowski, E., Momeni, H., 2018. The idea of fuzzy logic usage in a sheet-based FMEA analysis of mechanical systems . MATEC Web Conf., 183, art. 03009. Gadek-Moszczak, A., Pietraszek, J

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Ex-Ante Risk Estimation in the Production Project

. 31 st International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development. Varazdin, Varazdin Development and Entrepreneurship Agency, 152-158. Kozien, E., 2018b. Quality of project financed by the European Union structural fund . 12 th Int. Conf. “Quality Production Improvement” QPI 2018. MATEC Web of Conferences, 183, art. 04006. DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/201818304006 Kozien, E., Kozien, M., 2018. Using the fuzzy logic description for the ex-ante risk assessment in the project . 35 th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social

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Basis of Biomass Grinders Sustainable Designing

REFERENCES Dabbour, M. I., Bahnasawy, A., Ali, S., El-Haddad, Z., 2015. Grinding Parameters and Their Effects on the Quality of Corn for Feed Processing . Journal of Food Processing & Technology, 6(9), 1–7. Flizikowski, J., Topoliński, T., Opielak, M., Tomporowski, A., Mroziński, A., 2015a. Research and analysis of operating characteristics of energetic biomass mikronizer . Eksploatacja i Niezawodność, 17(1), 19–26. Flizikowski, J., Sadkiewicz, J., Tomporowski, A., 2015b. Functional Characteristics

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Environmental Safety as a Challenge for Management Practice in the Brewing Industry in the Era of Craft Beer Revolution

.10.2018) Wiśniewska-Sałek, A., 2018. Sustainable Development in Accordance With the Concept of Industry 4.0 on the Example of the Furniture Industry . MATEC Web Conf. 183 04005 (2018), 12 th International Conference Quality Production Improvement – QPI 2018. DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/201818304005 Zorpas, A., 2010. Environmental management systems as sustainable tools in the way of life for the SMEs and VSMEs . Bioresource Technology, Vol. 101 No. 6, 1544-1557. doi: 10.1016/j.biortech.2009.10.022

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Application of Low Carbon Technology in Metallurgy

., Jursova, S., Korol, J., 2018. Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Current and Future Electricity Generation Systems in the Czech Republic and Poland . International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 23 (11), 2165 - 2177. DOI: 10.1007/s11367-018-1450-z. ‘Database - Eurostat’. n.d. Accessed 5 December 2018. . Dvorsky, T., Vaclavik, V., Simicek, V., Brenek, A., 2015. Research of the Use of Waste Rigid Polyurethane Foam in the Segment of Lightweight Concretes . Inzynieria Mineralna-Journal of the Polish Mineral

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