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Quality of Life of Parents of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Croatia

References Aras, I. (2014). The quality of life of parents of children with hearing impairments and speech. Doctoral thesis. Zagreb University School of Medicine in Zagreb. Beach Center on Disabilities. (2006). Family Quality of Life Scale. Beach Center on Disabilities, Lawrence, KS, USA. Bristol, M. M., Gallagher, J. J., & Schopler, E. (1988). Mothers and fathers of young developmentally disabled and nondisabled boys: Adaptation and spousal support. Developmental Psychology, 24(3), 441

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Paths and Technologies in the Life Project of People with Disabilities: International Perspectives and Educational Potential

References Adams L. et al. (2006), “Individual Planning: An Exploration of the Link Between Quality of Plan and Quality of Life”, British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 34, pp. 68-76. Andrich, R., Gower, V. e Converti R.M. (2007), The DAT Service, an integrated approach to improve independence at home. In Eizmendi, G., Azkoita, J.M, Craddock G. (eds): Challenges for Assistive Technology, Amsterdam: Ios Press, 579-583. Andrich, R e Pilati, G. (2008), Le tecnologie assistive nel progetto di autonomia della persona con disabilità: suggerimenti

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Tracing Communicative Patterns
A comparative ethnography across platforms, media and contexts

References Anderson, K., Nafus, D., Rattenbury, T. & Aipperspach, R. (2009). Numbers have qualities too: Experiences with ethno-mining. Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference Proceedings, 1: 123-140. Bakardjieva, M. (2005). Internet society: The Internet in everyday life. London, UK: SAGE Publications Ltd. Baym, N. K. (2000). Tune in, log on: Soaps, fandom, and online community. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications

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Intergenerational Learning: A Cornerstone of Quality Aging

References Bales, S., Eklund, S. & Siffin, C. (2010). Children´s perceptions of elders before and after a school-based intergenerational program. Educational Gerontology , 26 (7): 677-689. Available: (August 14, 2017). Cotten, S., Anderson, W., & McCullough, B. (2013). Impact of Internet Use on Loneliness and Contact with Others Among Older Adults: Cross-Sectional Analysis. Journal of Medical Internet Research. Available: (October 18

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Family Life in Adolescence
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Impact Of Corrosion Effect On The Quality And Safety Of Refractory Materials

. Assessment of porosity as one of the indicators of the quality of engineering products . Safety – Quality - Reliability 2015, Košice, TU Košice, 31-37. Gregurez, D., Wenzl, C., Kreuzer, D., Spanring, A., Kirschen, M., Zeelie, D., Groenewald, J., 2016. Refractory Corrosion Mechanisms in a Novel High Carbon Ferromanganese Production Furnace . The journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 68(12), 3029-3039. DOI: 10.1007/s11837-016-2110-z Hankýř, V., Kutzendörfer, J., 2002. Ceramics technology . first ed. Vega, Hradec Králove, Czech Republic

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Social and Economic Effects of the Menace of Fulani Herdsmen Crises in Nigeria

References Abbas, I.M. (2009). No retreat no surrender conflict for survival between Fulani pastoralists and farmers in Northern Nigeria, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Anter, T. (2015). Who are the Fulani people and their origins? Retrieved from , on 17th February, 2018. Bello, A.S. (2013). Herdsmen and Farmers Conflicts in North-Eastern Nigeria: Causes, Repercussions and Resolutions. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. 2(5): 29-139 Fabiyi, M. and Otunuga, A. (2016). Herdsmen/farmers clashes

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Dissemination of Demographic and Socio-Economic Developments in Tirana with Special Attention to Youth Education

Reference Bici, R., Dumani, B. (2016). Factors influencing low net enrollment rate to secondary education , International Journal of Science Innovation and New Technology, Tirana. Dumani, B., (1997), Elementë të demografisë, Popullsia dhe Zhvillimi , albin, fq 89. Dumani, B., Koka. M. (2008), Zhvillimet në Tiranë, Refleksione mbi sfida , International Konference, Economic & social challenges and problems, Universiteti i Tiranës Fakulteti i Ekonomisë,Tiranë; Fougère, D., (2007). Grande pauvreté et politiques éducatives . L

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Sustainable Consumption and Segmentation of Potential Low Emission Vehicle Buyers

REFERENCES Anable, J., 2005. Complacent Car Addicts’ or ‘Aspiring Environmentalists’? Identifying Travel Behaviour Segments using Attitude Theory. Transport Policy, 12 (1): 65-78. Anderson, T. Jr, Cunningham, W.H., 1972. The socially conscious consumer . Journal of Marketing, 36 (7), 23-31. Berkowitz, L., Lutterman, K.G., 1968. The traditional socially responsible personality. Public Opinion Quarterly, 32, 169-85. Borthwick, S., Carreno, M., 2012. Persuading Scottish drivers to buy low emission cars? The potential role of green

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Comparative Study on Educational Management in Public and Private Institutions in the Twin Cities of Pakistan

benefits of higher education. In International handbook of higher education (pp. 293-308). Springer Netherlands. Brandon-Jones, A., Piercy, N., & Slack, N. (2012). Bringing teaching to life: exploring innovative approaches to operations management education. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 32(12), 1369-1374. Crawford, F. (1991), “Total quality management”, Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals, London, occasional paper, December. Halai, N. (2013). The quality of private universities in

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