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Local government reform: Community planning and the quality of life in Northern Ireland

References Alexander, A. (1982). The politics of local government in the United Kingdom . London: Longman. Audit Commission. (2015). Local quality of life indicators . Retrieved from [10 July 2015]. Beirne, M. (1993, May). Out of the bearpit. Fortnight , 6–8. Bew, P., & Patterson, H. (1985). The British state: From Wilson to Thatcher . London: Verso. Birrell, D., & Murie, A. (1980). Policy and government in Northern Ireland: Lessons of devolution . Dublin: Gill & Macmillan. Connolly, M

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Consolidating peace: Rethinking the community relations model in Northern Ireland

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Barriers and Challenges for the Implementation of the Integrated Tariff in Ukraine on the Case of Kyiv City

References/ Literatura: 1. Windecker, A. (2002). Defining the Gross Cost and Net Cost Options for New Delhi Public Transport. Transport. Journal of Public Transportation, 5 (1), 87-104. 2. Checked out for yourself: How did we use the Kyiv Smart Card electronic ticket for a month. Download from: https://bzh . life/ua/gorod/provereno-na-sebe-kak-my-mesyats-polzovalis-elektronnym-biletom-kyiv-smart-card?utm_source=face-book&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=article&fbclid=IwAR3SnZZrYXbwbwaeQj3uvuGjR8fL9nqYVbH77

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Benefits of Belonging to the Cittaslow Network in the Opinion of Residents of Member Cities

realizacji koncepcji społecznej odpowiedzialności przedsiębiorstw. Konsumpcja i Rozwój, 1 , 58-66. 5. Domeradzki, P., Tyburski, W. (2011). Podstawy edukacji i kształtowania świadomości społecznej w duchu zrównoważonego rozwoju. W: W. Tyburski (red.), Zasady kształtowania postaw sprzyjających wdrażaniu zrównoważonego rozwoju (s. 233-281). Toruń: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UMK. 6. Farelnik, E., Stanowiska, A. (2016). Smart city, slow city and smart slow city as development models of modern cities. Olsztyn Economic Journal, 11 (4), 359-370. 7. Hill, D. (2010

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Health services, 2015

supplementary estimate for vote 38 health. 8 December. Dáil Debates. Dáil Éireann. (2015b).Written questions to Minister for Health, Number 308. 28 April. Dáil Debates, 876 (1). Dáil Éireann. (2015c). Written questions to Minister for Health, Numbers 332, 345, 379, 432 and 433. 7 July. Dáil Debates. Department of Health. (2012). Future health. A strategic framework for reform of the health services 2012-2015. Dublin: Department of Health. Department of Health. (2014a). Implementation of the Protection of Life in

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Regional Disparities in Development – The Case of Poland

Institutions, Growth, and Quality of Life. Oxford University Press, New York.

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Intelligent Development of the Countryside – The Concept of Smart Villages: Assumptions, Possibilities and Implementation Limitations

. Dej, M., Janas, K., Wolski, O. (red.) (2014). Współpraca miejsko-wiejska w Polsce Uwarunkowania i potencjał . Kraków: Instytut Rozwoju Miast. 16. Deller, S.C., Tsai, T.H.S., Marcouiller D.W., English D.B. (2001). The role of amenities and quality of life in rural economic growth. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 83 (2), 352–365. 17. Digital and social innovation in rural services , EAFRD Projects Brochure, 2018 Pobrane z: https

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City regions and the changing role of local government in supporting their economic growth potential

direct investment 2015–2019. Retrieved from [15 July 2015]. Indecon. (2005). Review of local government financing. Dublin: Indecon. ISO. (2014). ISO 37120:2014 Sustainable development of communities – Indicators for city services and quality of life. Retrieved from [10 May 2015]. Jones Lang La Salle. (2013). The business of cities 2013: What do 150 city indexes and benchmarking studies tell us about the urban world in

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