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Global Demographic Change and the Case of Low Fertility

References Becker, G. (1960) An economic analysis of fertility , Universities-National Bureau of Economic Research Conference, Series 11, pp. 209-231. Becker, G. & Lewis, H. (1973) On the interaction between the quantity and quality of children, Journal of Political Economy , Vol. 81 (2), pp. 279-288. Bongaarts, J. (2006) How long will we live? Population and Development Review , Vol. 32 (4), pp. 605-628. Caldwell, J. C., & Schindlmayr, T. (2003) Explanations of the fertility crisis in modern societies: A search for commonalities

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Digital Natives or Not? How do Romanian Adolescents Cross the Boundaries of Internet Common Use

REFERENCES Balea, B. (2012). From Unequal Access to Differentiate Use: Persistence of Digital Inequalities among Romanian Adolescents . PhD thesis. (Accessed 15.05.2016). Balea, B., Barbovschi, M. (2013). Creative internet uses-differences in digital engagement among adolescents in Central and Eastern Europe (conference paper). IADIS International Conferencee-Society 2013, 13-16 March, 2013. Lisbon: Portugal

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Alan Krueger: Worker in the Vineyard of Economics

REFERENCES Angrist, Joshua and Krueger, Alan, B. 1994. Why Do World War II Veterans Earn More Than Nonveterans? Journal of Labor Economics, 12(1), pp. 74-97. Becker, Gary S. and Posner, Richard A. 2004. Suicide: An Economic Approach. Working Paper, University of Chicago. Card, David and Krueger, Alan, B. 1992. Does School Quality Matter? Returns to Education and the Characteristics of Public Schools in the United States. Journal of Political Economy, 100(1), pp. 1-40. Card, David and Krueger, Alan, B. 1994. Minimum wage and

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The influence of age factors on the reform of the public service of Ukraine

tasks is the formation of employees of the new generation. The number of civil servants in Ukraine relative to the population is roughly equal to the average in the EU. However, the issues of trust and quality assurance in terms of the civil service is relevant. An important prerequisite for reforming the civil service is the gradual reduction of the number of employees as a result of a review of functions, the elimination of duplication of duties, the development of electronic services, the involvement of external specialists and/or temporary workers in certain

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Accelerating Fertility Decline in Sub-Saharan Africa

References Advance Africa (2002). Status and trends of family planning in sub-Saharan Africa: A meeting of USAID and collaborating agencies. Arlington, Virginia, USA, October 2002. Becker, G.S., & Lewis, H.G. (1973). On the interaction between the quantity and quality of children. Journal of Political Economy, 81(2), Pt 2: S279-S288. Bongaarts, J. (2006). The causes of stalling fertility transitions. Studies in Family

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Decision Making in Psychiatric Reform: A Case Study of the Czech Experience

community services in the nation's service regions will be critical for the efficient and sustainable use of limited resources under the envisioned system. It is also reported that provisions for empirically-based decision making are being planned for the new community mental health centers. For example, a contract has been executed for what promises to be a thorough and independent programme evaluations of the new CMH centers, with a range of outcome instruments scheduled, including measures of the quality of life of mental health consumers. One official from the

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Turnout Decline in Romanian National Elections: Is it that Big?

Studies , 29: 444-459. Stockemer, D., LaMontagne, B., Scruggs, L. (2013). Bribes and ballots: The impact of corruption on voter turnout in democracies. International Political Science Review, 34: 74-90. Sundström, A., Stockemer, D. (2013). Quality of government affect voter turnout in the European regions. QoG Working Paper Series . Swaddle, K., Heath, A. (1989). Official and Reported Turnout in the British General Election of 1987. British Journal of Political Science , 19: 537-570. Teixeira, R.A. (1992). The Disappearing American Voter

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The fuzzy concept of collaborative governance: A systematic review of the state of the art

collaboration open, while others assume or explicitly require that collaboration is undertaken with a public purpose. It is also common to assume that participants are driven by a constructive, problem-solving agenda. Much of the literature paints an idealized picture of the problem-solving and legitimacy-enhancing qualities of participatory and collaborative practices, while scholarship pointing to the potential abuses of these practices is relatively rare. Similarly, while there is some acknowledgement of the potential adverse effects of collaborative arrangements (e

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