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Different approaches to the relationship of life & death (review of articles)

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On the puzzling value of human life

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Death, ethical judgments and dignity

References ATTFIELD, R. (1999): The ethics of the global environment . Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. CICOVACKI, P. (2017): On the puzzling value of human life. In: Ethics & Bioethics (in Central Europe) , 7(3–4), pp. 155–168. CLARK, W. R. (1996): Sex & the origins of death. Oxford: Oxford University Press. DAVIES, D. J. (2007): Stručné dějiny smrti [ A brief history of death ]. Praha: Volvox Globator. GLUCHMAN, V. (2008): Etika a reflexie morálky [ Ethics and Reflections of Morality ]. Prešov: FF PU. GLUCHMAN

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Brain death as irreversible loss of a human’s moral status

References AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (2015): Code of medical ethics of the American medical association . Chicago: American Medical Association. BEAUCHAMP, T. L. & CHILDRESS, J. F. (2001): Principles of Biomedical Ethics . Oxford & New York: Oxford University Press. BERNAT, J. (2013): Life or death for the dead-donor rule? In: The New England Journal of Medicine , 369(14), pp. 1289–1291. DAVIES, J. K. (2007): Precedent autonomy, advance directives, and end-of-life care. In: B. Steinbock (ed.): The Oxford handbook of ethics . New

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