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“A Pattern for Princes to Live by”: Popery and Elizabethan History During England’s Exclusion Crisis, 1679-1681

. Burnet, Gilbert. History of His Own Time. London: J.M. Dent and Son, 1991. Print. Brady Robert. The Great Point of Succession Discusses. With an answer to a late Pamphlet, Entitled, A Brief History of Succession & c. London, 1681. Print. ---. A True and Exact History of the Succession of the Crown of England. London, 1681. Print. E.F. A Letter from a Gentleman of Quality in the Country, to his Friend, upon His Being Chosen a Member to Serve in the Approaching parliament, and Desiring his Advice. 1679. Print

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Gestalt Theory
An International Multidisciplinary Journal
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Literariness and Racial Consciousness in Paule Marshall’s Memoir Triangular Road and Gloria Naylor’s Fictionalized Memoir 1996

References Bell, Bernard W. 2004. The contemporary African American novel: Its folk roots and modern literary branches. Amherst & Boston: University of Massachusetts Press. Burke, Abby & Kathy Everts Danielson. 2014. Memoirs: Making sense of our own stories. Illinois Reading Council Journal 42(3). 20-25. Cannon, Katie Geneva. 2003. Katie’s canon: Womanism and the soul of the black community. New York: Continuum. Christian, Barbara. 1985. Black feminist criticism: Perspectives on black women

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The Concept of the Self in Come Walk with Me: A Memoir by Beatrice Mosionier

. Alston-O’Connor, Emily. 2010. The Sixties scoop: Implications for social workers and social work education. Critical Social Work: An Interdisciplinary Journal Dedicated to Social Justice 11(1). (accessed 09 May 2015.) Anderson, Kim. 2000. A recognition of being: Reconstructing native womanhood. Toronto: Sumach Press. Armstrong, Jeanette. 2006. Keynote address: The aesthetic qualities of aboriginal writing. Studies in

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Thinking, Experiencing and Rethinking Mereological Interdependence

References Albertazzi, L. (2015). A science of qualities. Biological Theory , 10 , 188–199. Anjum, R., & Mumford, S. (2017) Emergence and Demergence. In: M. Paoletti & F. Orilia (Eds.) Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives on Downward Causation (pp. 92–109). New York, London: Routledge. Arnheim, R. (1974). Art and visual perception: A psychology of the creative eye . Berkeley: University of California Press. Ash, M. G. (1985). Gestalt psychology: Origins in Germany and reception in the United States . In: C. E. Buxton (Ed

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Healing and Caring in Dolphin-Assisted Therapy: Criticisms of Effectiveness and Ethical Issues

. K. Anderson, B. L. Hart, & L. A. Hart (Eds.), The pet connection: Its influence on our health and quality of life (pp. 153-161). Minneapolis, MN: Center to study Human-Animal Relationships and Environment, University of Minnesota Press. Smith, B. A. (2003). The discovery and development of dolphin-assisted therapy. In: T. G. Frohoff, & B. Peterson (Eds.), Between species: Celebrating the dolphin human bond. San Francisco, CA: Sierra Club Books. Stamp Dawkins, M. (2006). A user’s guide to animal

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