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Do the Available Data Permit Clarifcation of the Possible Dependence of Palaeozoic Brachiopod Generic Diversity Dynamics on Global Sea-Level Changes? A Viewpoint

References Aldridge, R.J., Jeppson, L. & Dorning, K.J., 1993. Early Silurian oceanic episodes and events. Journal of the Geological Society, London 150, 501–513. Benton, M.J., Dunhill, A.M., Lloyd, G.T. & Marx, F.G., 2011. Assessing the quality of the fossil record: in sights from vertebrates. [In:] McGowan, A.J. & Smith, A.B. (Eds): Comparing the Geological and Fossil Records: Implications for Biodiversity Studies. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 358, 63–94. Birks, H.J.B., Lotter, A.F., Juggins, S. & Smol, J.P. (Eds), 2012

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Reliability of system for precise cold forging

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Physico-chemical trends in the sediments of Agbede Wetlands, Nigeria

References [1] Adams, W.J., Kinerle, R.A., Barnette, J.W. (1992): Sediment quality and aquatic life assessment. Environmental Science and Technology , 26, pp.1865–1875. [2] Ogbeibu, A.E., Omoigberale, M.O., Ezenwa, I.M., Eziza, J.O., Igwe, J.O. (2014): Using Pollution Load Index and Geoaccumulative Index for the Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution and Sediment Quality of the Benin River, Nigeria. Natural Environment , 2, pp. 1–9. [3] Fagbote, E.O., Olanipekun, E.O. (2010): Evaluation of the status of heavy metal pollution of sediment of Agbabu

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Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur concentration and δ13C, δ15N values in Hypogymnia physodes within the montane area – preliminary data

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