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Performance Analysis of Flexible Pavement with Reinforced Ash

-659, 2008. [7] Chandra, Satish, H.C. Mehndiratta, “Effect of Shoulder on Life of Flexible Pavements”, Indian Roads Congress 67: 37- 46, 2002. [8] Dilip Kumar, Ashish Gupta, Neetesh Kumar, “Some Geotechnical Properties of Coal Fly Ash and Sand Mixtures with Different Ratio using in Highway and Embankments”, Global Journal of Researches in Engineering: e Civil And Structural Engineering.14 (5): 33-38, 2014. [9] E227- 2004: Eurocode: Standard Guide for Design and Construction of Coal as Structural Fill and the American Coal Ash

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Improvement Of Performance Of Japanese P300 Speller By Using Second Display

References [1] J. R. Wolpaw, N. Birbaumer, D. J. McFarland, G. Pfurtscheller, and T. M. Vaughan, “Brain-computer interfaces for communication and control,” Clinical Neurophysiology , vol. 113, no. 6, pp. 767–791, 2002. [2] K. Tatsuhiro and Y. Kiyoyuki, “Current studies on brain-computer-interface(bci),” in The Bulletin of School of High-Technology for Human Welfare, Tokai Univ . Tokai Univercity, 2011, pp. 7–12. [3] D. Kaub-Wittemer, N. Steinbuchel, M. Wasner, G. Laier-Groeneveld, and G. Borasio, “Quality of life and psychosocial issues in

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Enterprise’s Risk Assessment Of Complex Construction Projects

, 1998, 5.4, pp. 339-349 7. Ibadov N., Kulejewski J., “The assessment of construction project risks with the use of fuzzy sets theory”, Technical Transactions, Cracow University of Technology, 2014, , pp. 175-182. 8. Kacprzyk J., “Fuzzy sets in systematic analysis”, PWN, Warsaw 1986, pp. 25-28, 67-72 9. Konior J., ”Risk management in PM Group Polska. Quality Management System”, PM Group, Ireland, 2003-2015 10. Mak, S.; Picken, D., “Using risk analysis to determine construction project contingencies”, Journal of Construction Engineering and

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Application of Prefabricated Concrete in Residential Buildings and its Safety Management

: 756-767, 2016. 10. X. Cao, X. Li, Y. Zhu, Z. Zhang, “A comparative study of environmental performance between prefabricated and traditional residential buildings in China”, Journal of Cleaner Production, 109: 131-143, 2015. 11. A. Hisagi, T. Ishikawa, T. Saito, “21600 Development of Safe and Secure Environment in High-rise Residential Buildings against Large Earthquakes: Part 9 Possibility on Preparedness and Evacuation Life in High-rise Condominiums”, Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting, Architectural Institute of Japan

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Performance Evaluation of Neural Network Based Pulse-Echo Weld Defect Classifiers

Computer Science , 36 (3). [11] Mathers, G. (ed.) (2002). Weld defects and quality control. In Welding of Aluminium and Its Alloys . Woodhead Publishing, 199-215. [12] Mallat, S. (1998). A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing . New York: Academic. [13] Naga Rajesh, A., Chandralingam, S., Anjaneyulu, T., Satyanarayana, K. (2012). Denoising EOG signal using stationary wavelet transform. Measurement Science Review , 12 (2), 46-51. [14] Kohonen, T. (2000). Self Organizing Map (3rd ed.). Springer. [15] Bardal

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Experimental Models and Correlations between Surface Parameters after Slide Diamond Burnishing

.M. (1980). The effect of surface roughness on the wear of low-density polyethylene. ASLE Transactions, 23 (3), 269-278. [25] Shi, X., Wang, L., Qin, F. (2016). Relative fatigue life prediction of high-speed and heavy-load ball bearing based on surface texture. Tribology International, 10, 364-374. [26] Trauth, D., Klocke, F., Welling, D., Terhorst, M., Mattfeld, P., Klink, A. (2016). Investigation of the surface integrity and fatigue strength of Inconel718 after wire EDM and machine hammer. International Journal of Material Forming, 9 (5

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Vehicle Emission Computation Through Microscopic Traffic Simulation Calibrated Using Genetic Algorithm

References [1] A. Kendall, L. Price, Incorporating time-corrected life cycle greenhouse gas emissions in vehicle regulations, Environmental Science and Technology, 46(5), 2012, 2557-2563. [2] V. Franco, M. Kousoulidou, M. Muntean, L. Ntziachristos, S. Hausberger, P. Dilara, Road vehicle emission factors development: A review, Atmospheric Environment, 70(70), 2013, 84-97. [3] N. Maykut, J. Lewtas, E. Kim, T. Larson, Source apportionment of PM2.5 at an urban improve site in Seattle, Washington, Environmental Science and Technology, 37(22), 2003

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Determination of Sugar Content in Sugar Solutions using Interdigital Capacitor Sensor

References Berna, A. Z., Lammertyn, J., Saevels, S., Natale, C. D., Nicolai, B. M. (2004). Electronic nose systems to study shelf life and cultivar effect on tomato aroma profile. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical , 97 (2-3), 324-333. Beullens, K., Kirsanov, D., Irudayaraj, J., Rudnitskaya, A., Legin, A., Nicolai, B. M., Lammertyn, J. (2006). The electronic tongue and ATR-FTIR for rapid detection of sugars and acids in tomatoes. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical , 116 (1-2), 107

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Diagnostics of DC and Induction Motors Based on the Analysis of Acoustic Signals

application for mobile devices. In Computing in Cardiology 2011. IEEE, 241-244. [28] Dytczak, M., Ginda, G. (2013). Is explicit processing of fuzzy direct influence evaluations in DEMATEL indispensable? Expert Systems with Applications, 40 (12), 5027-5032. [29] Valis, D., Pietrucha-Urbanik, K. (2014). Utilization of diffusion processes and fuzzy logic for vulnerability assessment. Eksploatacja i Niezawodnosc - Maintenance and Reliability, 16 (1), 48-55. [30] Valis, D., Zak, L., Pokora, O. (2014). Engine residual technical life

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