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Work-Related Psychosocial Risk Factors and Care Workers Mental Health (In Estonian Nursing Homes)

Economics and Management, 10(2), 169−180. Kleimann, L., Frank, L., Ciesla, G., Rupnow, M., & Brodaty, H. (2004). Psychometric Performance of an Assessment Scale for Strain in Nursing Care: the M-NCAS. Health Quality of Life Outcomes, 2(62), 1−10. Kristensen, T.S., Hannerz, H., Hųgh, A., Born, V. (2005). The Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (COPSOQ) - A tool for the Assessment and Improvement of the Psychosocial Work Environment. Scandinavian

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Older Knowledge Workers as the Labour Market Potential (Slovenia versus Finland)

). Working and ageing. Emerging theories and empirical perspectives. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. CEDEFOP-European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training. (2015). Slovenia. Skill supply and demand up to 2025. Country forecasts. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. Eurofound. (2003). A new organisation of time over working life. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Eurofound. (2007). Employment and labor market

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Does Grade Level Matter for the Assessment of Business Process Management Maturity?

References 1. BOC. (2007). Process management life cycle (PMLC), BOC information system GmbH. Retrieved from 2. Crosby, P. B. (1979). Quality is free: The art of making quality certain. New York: McGraw-Hill. 3. Dobrzyński, M., Dziekoński, K., & Jurczuk, A. (2012). A diagnosis of process maturity in a business cluster initiative. Contemporary Management Quarterly, 3, 41-50. 4. Gibson, D. L., Goldenson, D. R., & Kost, K. (2006). Performance

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The Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Work Satisfaction among Leaders and Employees

scientists with their self-destructive intelligence syndrome and spiritual intelligence: Degree. India: Kumaun University. 22. Marques, J. F. (2006). The spiritual worker: An examination of the ripple effect that enhances quality of life in- and outside the work environment. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 884-895. Retrieved from 23. Mihalič, R. (2008). Povečajmo zadovoljstvo in pripadnost zaposlenih: praktični nasveti, metodologija, interni akt in model usposabljanja za upravljanje in merjenje

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Determinants of Subjective Emotional Well-Being and Self-Determination of Employees: Slovene Case

Bradford Book,. Diener, E., Wirtz, D., Biswas-Diener, R., Tov, W., Kim-Prieto, C., Choi, D., Oishi, S. (2009). New Measures of Well-Being. In P. E. Diener (Ed.), Assessing Well-Being (pp. 247–266). Amsterdam: Springer Netherlands. Felce, D., Perry, J. (1995). Quality of life: Its definition and measurement. Research in Developmental Disabilities , 16(1), 51–74. Fornell, C., Larcker, D. F. (1981). Evaluating structural equation models with unobservable

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Impact of ICTs on Innovation Activities: Indication for selected European countries

:// 18. Haseeb, H. M. (2015). The role of ICT management to achieve organizational innovation. The International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 7 (4), 48–57. 19. Hasim, M. S., & Salman, A. (2010). Factors affecting sustainability of internet usage among youth. The Electronic Library, 28 (2), 300–313. 20. Haythornthwaite, C., & Wellman, B. (2002). The internet in everyday life: an introduction. In B. Wellman & C. Haythornthwaite (Eds.), The internet in everyday life (pp. 3–44). Malden, MA: Blackwell

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Impact of Selected Personality Traits on Accountants’ Attitudes Toward Accounts Manipulation: Evidence From Slovenia

markers for the big-five factor structure. Psychological Assessment , 4 (1), 26. Ham, C., Lang, M., Seybert, N., & Wang, S. (2017). CFO narcissism and financial reporting quality. Journal of Accounting Research , 55 (5), 1089-1135. Harrison, A., Summers, J., & Mennecke, B. (2016). The effects of the dark triad on unethical behavior. Journal of Business Ethics , 1-25. Hegarty, W. H., & Sims, H. P. (1978). Some determinants

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Moderating Effects between Job Insecurity and Intention to Quit in Samples of Slovene and Austrian Workers

References Anderson, C. J., & Pontusson, H. J. (2007). Workers, worries and welfare states: Social protection and job insecurity in 15 OECD countries. European Journal of Political Research, 46 (2), 211–235. Arechavala, N. S., Espina, P. Z., & Trapero, B. P. (2015). The economic crisis and its effects on the quality of life in the European Union. Social Indicator Research, 120 , 323–343. Bakker, A., Demerouti, E., & Euwema, M. (2005). Job resources

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Individual’s Resistance Regarding BPM Initiative: Case Study of the Insurance Company

Value Network Configuration - Making Decisions at a Swedish Life Insurance Firm. Long Range Planning, 39 (2), 109-131. Ford, J. D., Ford, L. W., & D’Amelio, A. (2008). Resistance to change: the rest of the story. Academy of Management Review, 33 (2), 362-377. Francischini, P. G., & Mello, P. I. (2010). Identified Benefits of BPM Tools in Brazilian Insurance Companies. In: Proceedings of the 2010 POMS Annual Conference . Retrieved from https

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