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Gerontechnology — the assessment of one selected technology improving the quality of life of older adults

the situation of older adults to ensure dignified ageing in good health. Recognising the issue of the ageing society, the government also published the Government Programme for Social Participation of Senior Citizens for 2014–2020. The document lists support areas and directions that foster the achievement of the major objective, namely, improving the quality and level of life of older adults in terms of dignified ageing by means of social activity. It should be remembered that the increase in the number of older adults is also associated with the need to provide

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Green Marketing and its Use in a Transport Company

References [1] Krizanova, A. et al. (2015). Building a brand in the context of sustainable development. ICMEMI 2015 - International conference on management engineering and management innovation (proceedings), Changsha, China, In: AEBMR-Advances in Economics Business and Management Research 3, 79-84. [2] Chen, E. & Gavious, I. (2015). Does CSR have different value implications for different shareholders? Finance Research Letters, 14, 29-35. DOI: 10.1016/ [3] Prosenak et al. (2008). A

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Evaluation of the Role of Inventory Management in Logistics Chain of an Organisation

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Conception of the Maritime Transport Safety in the Baltic Sea in 2009 to 2015

References [1] Chauvin, C., Lardjane, S., Morel, G., Clostermann, J.P. & Langard, B. (2013). Human and organisational factors in maritime accidents: Analysis of collisions at sea using the HFACS. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 59, 26-37. [2] Kristiansen, S. (2008). Marine safety – Background, In: A. Molland (Ed.), The Maritime Engineering Reference Book, Butterworth Heinemann, (Chapter 11), 786-875. [3] European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). (2009). Quality Shipping, Safer Seas, Cleaner Oceans. Lisbon 2009, from http

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Restaurants and hotels expenditure in Polish households of the elderly

market of consumer foods and services]. Problemy Zarządzania, 11(1(40), 123-142. Chang, H. H., & Yen, S. T. (2010). Off-farm employment and food expenditures at home and away from home. European Review of Agricultural Economics, 37(4), 523-551. Czapiński J., & Panek T. (Eds.). (2014). Diagnoza Społeczna 2013. Warunki i jakość życia Polaków [Social Diagnosis 2000-2013 Objective and Subjective Quality of Life in Poland]. Warszawa, Poland: Rada Monitoringu Społecznego. Erbe Healy, A. (2014). Convergence or difference

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Approaches to Evaluating Efficiency and Quality of Integrated Health Care: State of the Evidence

quality enhancement research initiative (QUERI): from evidence to action. Medical Care, 38, I1-I6. doi: 10.1097/00005650-200006001-00001 Hardy, B., Van Raak, A., Mur-Veeman, I., Steenbergen, M., & Paulus, A. (2003). Introduction. In A. Van Raak, I. Mur-Veeman, B. Hardy, M. Steenbergen, & A. Paulus (Eds.), Integrated care in Europe. Description and comparison of integrated care in six EU countries. Maarssen, The Netherlands: Elsevier Gezondheidzorg. Kodner, D. L., & Spreeuwenberg, C. (2002). Integrated care: meaning, logic, applications

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Smart city solutions in regard to urbanization processes – Polish cases

References 1. B. Williams, “Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy”, London, 1985, p. 36. 2.; 3. 4. “Urban World: Cities and the Rise of the Consuming Class”, McKinsey Global Institute, 2013. 5. “Future of the Cities - Cities of the Future. Strategies and Challenges. Social and technological innovations”, Report by ThinkTank and RWE, 2013. 6. R. D. Putnam, „Bowling Alone

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Memetic pool as a new approach in service quality analysis

Life Reviews , 10 (2), 117-145. doi: 10.1016/j.plrev.2013.03.006 Gartner, W. C. (1994). Image Formation Process. Journal Of Travel & Tourism Marketing , 2(2-3), 191-216. doi: 10.1300/J073v02n02_12 Grönroos, Ch. (1984). A Service Quality Model and Its Marketing Implications. European Journal of Marketing , 18 (4), 36-44. doi: 10.1108/EUM0000000004784 Gunther, A. C., Bolt, D., Borzekowski, D. L. G., Liebhart, J. L., & Dillard, J. P. (2006). Presumed influence on peer norms: How mass media indirectly affect adolescent smoking. Journal of

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Assessment of urban transport – a comparative analysis of selected cities by taxonomic methods

., Jara-Diaz, S., & Gschwender, A. (2016). Optimal public transport networks for a general urban structure. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological , 94 , 298-313. ISO 3166. (2016). Retrieved from ISO 37120. (2015). Sustainable Development of Communities: Indicators for City Services and Quality of Life . Retrieved from Iwan, S. (2015). Zarządzanie miejskim

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